Drop 0uts

6 Jul

F/2f time:56 minutes
A straightforward spanking film, of little incremental import  to our collection except for the presence of ‘Sarah Jane Hamilton,’ an adult film actress with quite a long filmography. She made just a few CP films. Her naughty insouciant demeanor complements significant physical assets. Not much happens in his film, but check out her boob enlargement, over earlier films you will find in this collection.

Sarah is being spanked in the kitchen by another woman. She is undergoing some kind of deportment training, a hopeless task if you look at Sarah’s attitude in other films, but a noble endeavor if you get to spank her when she doesn’t improve.

Sarah is wearing a black latex dress and is bent over the kitchen table. Moderate spanks, the little dress covers nothing. The woman challenges her dark red hair color,which Sarah insists is natural, but it won’t be verified in this film. There is some silly posture instruction in the kitchen, walking with a book on the head etc. These scenes are better when done in the nude, but not here.

Back over the table for more spanking.Then some OTK spanking with a spatula; Sarah is a bit too noisy with her squawking.

“Several Weeks and Whacks Later”: After a fade, the  girls are chummy and intimate. Mission accomplished for both of them.

In a second segment, the woman is training another girl, an American brunette. This girl is very saucy–legs spread when she sits,he smokes and slouches. The trainer has her walk with the book-on-head move. A few “yo’s” and “whatever’s” thrown around. Not much action, eventually some unremarkable spanking.

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