House of Correction #4 – SPANKINGSARAH

6 Jul

F/f; time: 15 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Katie Didit.’ Amelia has been caught shoplifting and has roughed up a store employee. She has been sent to this ‘house of correction,’ no more than a kitchen of a residence, which will be used in several films. Katie Didit is in charge and she explains the punishment is spanking. “Is that allowed?”

Amelia is sent to room #3 to stow her bag (she’ll be staying over-there will be more sequences.) and returns to the kitchen. Katie positions a “stool,” a padded spanking trestle. Amelia is wearing a cardigan sweater over a blouse and tight denim short shorts. She is not going to argue.

Amelia bends over the trestle. Katie reminds her that her shorts are going to come down soon. “I can keep my panties on, can’t I?” “That’s up to me.” A handspanking, then a square black paddle.

Katie thinks a body inspection is needed. “Strip.” “Here?” Amelia slowly strips as she does so well, pausing hopefully at her panties. “Panties too, or I’ll do it.” Amelia yanks them down. Naked back over the stool, a great sight. More spanking. She is sent naked to her room. There will be more.

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