6 Jul

Archival stuff resurrected by STRICTLYENGLISH and released serially on their on-line ‘spanking channel’ collections.

Spanking Channel #3: Sandy Cameron canes a brunette in this episode 5.

Spanking Channel #4: ‘James,’ or ‘Sean,’ or ‘Sandy Cameron’ is dealing with a pretty brunette ‘Angela’ in his office. He is a cook and makes a bet with her–he will make paella and if it works he gets to spank her and if it doesn’t, he takes her to a fancy restaurant. She is well aware he wants at her pants.

Dissolve to Sean’s house. ‘Yasmin’ seems to be living with him; she has been eating his paella ingredients and so he calls Angela that he lost the bet.

Spanking Channel #5: Sean is eating alone at a restaurant. He is remembering the days when he spanked Maria when SHE was his lodger. Flashback to a spanking scene with her, getting her bare bottom smacked. You would presume these “lodgers” don’t pay much rent. After he puts her in the corner, as these British guys like to do, he gets another crack at her when she is caught pulling her panties up.

Back to reality in the pub, Sean returns home where ‘Maddie’ (Yasmin) is waiting for him. She seems to be itching for a spanking. He leaves for bed. “You know Sean, if you want to give a girl a good spanking you should just grab her and just do it.” Sean is intrigued and makes note.

FADE to Maria, now ‘lodging’ with Charlie. The guys switched bottoms. She is trying on some sexy clothing she received by post, a naughty maid’s outfit. Charlie returns and the outfit has its effect. OTK she goes.

A later episode: Sean catches Maria smoking in his house and will now take her advice to grab and go for it. She reminds him of what she said. OTK, some diaper position, and kneeling.

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