Inappropriate Conduct – FIRMHAND

10 Jul

Two of FIRMHAND’S warriors, ‘Dani Daniels’ and ‘Belinda Lawson’ in a spanking romp with Lesbian overtones. American Daniels is a senior sorority sister with complete control over British junior Belinda. Dani knows spanking plays a large role in British life. The setting is the FIRMHAND classroom.

(A)(F/f; year: 2005; time: 10 minutes) Dani challenges Belinda for having been disrespectful to professor Earl Gray. Ms. Daniels, adult porn actress that she becomes, has a little trouble expressing anger or rage, but otherwise she has a lot to offer. Dani explains that such matters can be settled with the paddle.

Belinda tries to seduce Dani to distract her. They kiss, and the chemistry would seem to be working, but Dani will proceed with a spanking. “At least I tried.”

Belinda goes OTK; skirt up, a vigorous handspanking. Belinda excels at facials during spankings–big blue doe eyes. Dani takes her panties down, excellent angles. FIRMHAND never errs in blocking.

(B) (F/f; year: 2015; time: 7 minutes) Dani jumps Belinda in the classroom for texting her friend. Belinda is naked below the waist; that’s the kind of relationship this is.

Dani begins paddling Belinda with the embossed leather paddle, and quite hard, even by FIRMHAND standards. Dani holds her hair to steady Belinda. At the conclusion of this short and rousing spanking, Belinda shuffles to the corner, hobbled by her panties at her ankles. We’re just betting the girls loved making this series.

(C)(F/f; time: 8 minutes) Dani is upset with Belinda for skipping track practice. She brandishes a pingpong paddle. Once again, Ms. Daniels is not convincing as angry. “Go get the gym horse.”

Belinda drags the padded vaulting horse into position and bends over it. Dani begins paddling her on her shorts. “These (shorts) and coming down, and these (panties) are coming up.” Low shots of this spanking. Ms. Lawson never disappoints. Black transparent panties down. Great stuff.

(D)(F/f; time: 11 minutes) The girls in the classroom again. Now Belinda desires a spanking, allowing for some Lesbian scenes. The girls do some kissing and she pulls down Dani’s top. Belinda bends over and Dani begins with a strap.

Lots of doe-eyed facials from Belinda, as always. “Are you enjoying this, Miss Lawson?” We all are. Black and red panties come down, a big tawse makes some marks. More kissing out-takes, and slow motion.

(E)(F/f; time: 11 minutes) Belinda is back again for more. Dani wears a strapless dress and Belinda is in top and jeans with a bare midriff. Belinda knows where the slipper is and Dani goes to work. Belinda strips naked and Dani peels down her own dress to show just a thong.

The two naked girls fill the screen. Camera angles will catch scenes with two bottoms, two sets of boobs, or two faces, as the slippering proceeds. Slow motion of these shots even better.

(F) (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda is waiting in the classroom, paddle in hand, for a late Dani to arrive. She wears a pink top and cut off jeans. Dani enters, and the paddling begins immediately. Belinda asks seductively: “How hard are you going to use the paddle, Miss Daniels?” It is a thick, stiff oval implement.

Belinda’s shorts come down. Her little pink thong matches her top. Her bottom takes on its usual mottled look during the spanking. Hands on head, she stands erect for the final strokes. “Touch your toes” for more.

(G)(F/f; time:6 minutes) Dani is upset with Belinda and drags her into the FIRMHAND classroom. “Don’t ever sass me in the chapter room in front of the other sisters.”

Belinda is taken OTK, quite OK with her as far as we can tell in this circumstance. Panties down, a hard handspanking, the usual excellent facials from Ms. Lawson. Long and fast. Belinda is sent off,and she knows just how to pull her panties up on screen as she scrambles.”It’s a privilege to be in this sorority…you’re going to sleep on your stomach tonight.”

Suddenly senior sister Dani decides she wants more. She grabs Belinda, panties down again, yanked! More handspanking. She is left to contemplate.

(H) (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Belinda stands at the blackboard with her bottom already bared and a bit marked up. Dani is going to use a large yardstick this time. “I am so going to make you feel this.” Twenty-four cracks with the substantial yardstick. From her reaction, it does look like it is a different sensation for Belinda. Black panties up at the end.

(J)(F/f; time: 12 minutes) Dani arrives late to the classroom, Belinda is nervous about it, but what more can happen to her? Dani breezes in wearing a tight leopard print dress which does wonders for her bottom. Dani takes a very thick cane off a rack. Belinda looks a little worried.

“Come here….turn around, bend over, and touch your toes….I want you to count to 18.” Skirt up, her bottom is mostly bare. A ‘reaction CAM repeats the strokes in groups of 6.  This thick cane hardly bends. Thong down by Dani, not that it matters. Hands on head to the corner. Belinda’s thoroughly experienced bottom is able to handle this instrument.

(K) (F/f; time: 7 minutes) The finale, and the best episode. Dani waits for Belinda with a paddle. When Belinda arrives, Lesbian Dani peels down Belind’s  top to display her wonderful breasts. Then Dani herself strips naked, and we have a leisurely, intended frontal look, the first for either girl. Dani has a rather full growth of pubic hair. Terrific body.

Belinda’s paddling is filmed from behind Dani, so that we have both naked girls on the screen. Dani’s complete body on display for the final fireworks. More frontals. Reaction CAM. Dani’s hard, athletic body leads to her adult film career about this time. Kiss and caress to conclude. Ms. Daniels is in her early twenties here.

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