Where Are Your Panties, Girls? – MOMMASPANKINGS

12 Jul

F/2f; time: 44 minutes

From a website by ‘Dana Specht,’ an early Domme in the CP world. She is described as a “50’s style” spanker by some. As dominatrix’ go, she does not generate the heat the British ladies did, such as ‘Miss Brown,’ ‘Miss Hastings-Gore,’ or certainly ‘Alexandra Wolfe’  at LUPUS. It would almost seem she is too fond of the models and their bottoms. But she does have her fetishes.

She practices all the ritual spanking stuff–the talk, positions, panty action, wandering fingers, etc. This is an all-star cast–‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sarah Gregory.’ Amelia is visiting Sarah in the U.S. They giggle and gossip on a couch, enjoying the freedom of no panties.

Dana interrupts and discovers they are without undies.  “Have you ever been spanked before, Amelia?” “No, it’s illegal.” After 12 minutes of ritual scolding, she is ready to begin spanking her ‘daughter’ Sarah. OTK she goes, a lot of skirt arranging and position adjustment. Dana begins handspanking slowly, but is quickly smacking very hard, which will endear her to you as a Top. And Ms. Gregory spreads her legs nicely on demand.

Sarah is sent to get the hairbrush. The same technique–Dana starts slowly but is soon whaling.  Sarah struggles, kicks and screams. Amelia watches in horror.

At 29 minutes the U.K. visitor’s turn has come. OTK, Dana uncovers her soaring bottom. Same rousing escalation, Amelia also opens her thighs, not a regular thing for her. “”Open up those legs like a good girl…wider than that.” Dana likes thighs. Amelia is also in tears here, another infrequent bit of acting. Her  hairbrushing is more brief.

Dana displays the two red bare bottoms on the couch, trophies. A little more handspanking, then hugs all around.

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