Amelia Jane Rutherford – Interview – FIRMHAND

19 Jul

F; time: 10 minutes

An entertainingly instructive conversation with Amelia Jane Rutherford about her spanking model career, to be added to knowledge of her we’ve found elsewhere, in print, and specifically a REALSPANKINGS  format ‘interview’ and spanking. Amelia sits, knees up, hugging a cup of tea.

She has just completed a series, the “Amelia Jane Rutherford Collection,” a/k/a ‘Haughty Ballerina,” where she plays a difficult lead dancer and gets spanked by her director-boss. ‘Samantha Woodley directed.

She claims spanking was still new to her here in 2006 and that the pain was greater than she anticipated, so she didn’t have to act. She discusses the single-day filming process, where the implements intensify and the bruises aggregate.

She’ll make you shiver a bit when she discusses the wood paddle, and “the cane feels like fire.” Being nude in front of crew and helplessly submissive for spanking are different than nude modelling.

In her second series at FH, where she plays a diva actress, she developed some of the plot ideas.

She discusses the creation of the stage name ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’

And a few words about Dallas at DALLASSPANKSHARD. He is a hard spanker, and “he made me cry,” but the variety of implements at FIRMHAND make it worse.

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