19 Jul

F/f; time: 24 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sarah Stern,’ as ‘Nina,’ are flatmates. We’re not sure what their relationship is portrayed to be, just who has the strap-on in her dresser. These things usually don’t get worked out in CP films.

Amelia has embarrassed Nina in front of her friends and is going to get a spanking for it. Nina gets spanking implements out of her closet. Amelia has been wanting to sleep in certain bed in the flat, alone, we can’t say. “If you hit me with that, are you going to let me sleep in that bed?”

Nina taunts her, telling Amelia she is going to turn her bottom the color of the surface of the ping pong bat. Nina starts her OTK on a taller chair, a good idea for the statuesque Ms. Rutherford, because it elevates her bottom all the more. Handspanking on black panties.

Frisk position at the wall for a light strap. Panties down, frontals from Amelia.

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