International Relations – SPANKEDCHEEKS

20 Jul

MF/f; time: 59 minutes

A long film for Ms. Rutherford, and mostly a celebration of her with little or no clothes on. Amelia’s female Swedish boss catches her gossiping on the phone in an office setting. This gives her the chance to spank Amelia, and she keeps implements right there at Amelia’s workstation.

She’ll deal with Amelia the way they do in Sweden, “unless you want to find another job.” “You’re going to take your skirt off and get across my knee.” OTK, gray panties. The boss thinks this is too much padding and takes them down. “I don’t think this is the Swedish way of doing things.”

Throughout the film, there will be long pauses for dialogue. Amelia takes a standing spanking, facing us, a long frontal. She moves around her desk, trying to keep her blouse down in front, and is spanked with different straps.

In a new scene, in her apartment, Amelia has been caught moonlighting at a strip club. Her Swedish boss and an older guy threaten her with court. The woman has brought her briefcase of implements. She’ll take the spanking, “instead of the court thing, the fine thing.”

OTK, dress off. She should be OK with that if she can dance at a strip club. The two spank her OTK, the guy pulls down her pink panties. “You’re not in the club now, darling.” The two spank, paddle and strap her in  various postures, including a long bend-over at the bookcase, a pose Amelia excels at. The guy helps her spread her legs. The couple is having fun with her. During this process they gag Amelia with her panties.

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