Soul of Honour – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

25 Jul

M/3f; year: 2004; time: 1 hr 15 minutes

The two ‘Erhlich’ girls, ‘Paulina’ and ‘Kristina,’ crochet with their mother. The maid ‘Dora’ is informed that ‘Counsellor Erhlich’ is due home. She is dejected, because the counsellor is the terror of the house, and there are three tender bottoms here to testify.

When the counsellor arrives, he puts on his lounge jacket and checks for dust, already on the prowl for some action. Everyone shrinks from him. The girls have been failing school courses and hiding warning notices. They discuss what to do, knowing that showing fear just heightens their father’s perversion.

Erhlich calls for Dora and makes her unbutton the top of her uniform, then bend over and let him check her bottom. No bloomers? His wife enters later and objects to his treatment of the maid. Is she beyond his interest? She is, he complains about her aging, and admits he likes the young stuff.

He has caught his daughters lying about something, so he marches them to a dark, dank, cavernous, and dusty basement, makes them strip off their nightgowns, and leaves them to shiver away the night on the concrete floor. Probably better than a whipping.

Erhlich runs into his friend the headmaster (Pavel Stastny) and learns of the girls’ deceit.

While taking a bath with the assistance of Dora, Kristina tells her of the letters they have kept from their father. Dora will bring a fluid which erases words, but when they try it in the girls’ bedroom, holes are burned in the paper.

Back home, Erhlich selects his cane, displays it on the hassock, and calls Dora to bring his daughters. They confess what they have done, and unwittingly implicate Dora. A long scold, the mother is chased away, the girls must grovel. They have challenged his honour and good name.

“Go to the bathroom, take off your clothes, and prepare for punishment.” After 51 minutes of this and LUPUS’ attempt at conventional movie making, we are ready for the action advertised. The girls report to Erhlich in just their slips.

Paulina must go first. She takes a practiced household posture we haven’t seen before. Slip off, naked, she straddles the hassock and leans forward so that her head and elbows reach the floor. This places her bottom high and her thighs wide apart. Total vulnerability. Erhlich gives her a ferocious LUPUS-style caning, terrible emphasis on the far buttock, thigh and flank. This position puts so much flesh in play the stripes are far longer. He should have alternated sides. Kristina shivers in fear as a spectator, then gets the same.

Ehrlich goes to the bathroom, where Dora has been told to wait. She strips naked, he helps, and she gets her caning  leaning into the tub. Blood spatters. A bit too much for us, we have to confess.


One Response to “Soul of Honour – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST”

  1. naughtynora July 26, 2017 at 8:41 pm #

    Yikes….it’s always a bit too much for me if there is any blood….

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