Painful Promotion – CALSTAR

27 Jul

M/3f; time: 50 minutes

Sophie Fennington’s second film, discussed and excerpted in her 1994 ‘Interview’ tape, and featuring her husband ‘Christian Fennington’ and two other girls, both of whom will appear in a few more films. The three girls are dressed in evening gowns, jewelry, and makeup. They play models who want to be considered for commercials Fennington is casting for.

This is the CP version of the casting couch. Sophie narrates: she and her two friends have agreed to a little “kink” from the boss. Sophie explains that he is going to “spank our bare bottoms,” and Christian shows her two nervous friends a copy of JANUS #32.

Two girls in tops with a ‘TALLION VIDEOS’ logo, panties, and garter belts, employees of the producer we guess,  will move among the spanking scenes and serve wine. Sophie said in  her Interview that one of the girls had too much to drink and had to be removed. We didn’t see it. Christian wants to begin. “Who’s first?”

A glamorous brunette goes OTK. Christian works up her evening dress to expose black panties. “Oh, I hope this is going to be worth it,” she says. Christian: “You know this is going to be a weekly arrangement, don’t you?” “Yes, I do realize that.” Moderate handspanking. Slightly excessive ‘ow’s,’ ‘ooh’s,’ and ‘ah’s.’ “Are you all right down there?” Christian wants to know. “Yes, I’m still alive.” After all, this spanking is meant as recreation, not punishment. Christian takes her panties down. Sophie holds her still.

“Who’s coming next?” (We are fairly sure he didn’t mean exactly that)  Tall blonde ‘Fiona’ wears a teal silk gown. OTK, Christian finds a pair of minimal black string bikini panties. He bunches the panties, then  pulls them down, one of his career specialties. The girls pass the JANUS  magazine around as the spanking progresses. 

Sophie is next. She wears a long white knit dress, which shows every curve. Chistian sighs at the sight. When she kneels to go OTK, he runs a hand up her legs under the dress. “You’ve got no knickers on under there.” “I know. I can’t wear them with this dress.” OTK, dress up. Our first look at Sophie’s beautiful red bottom. Tight, small, perfect, naughty. Gorgeous facials.

The three girls kneel on the floor, elbows on the couch. Christian  pulls the other girls’  panties down, enthralled. “This is what I like, obedient women.” He manipulates, fondles the three  bare bottoms, adding some hand spanks and the slipper.  He assists  Sophie to  lie bare across the backs of the kneeling girls. Sweet frontal flashes. Pile of flesh. More spanking. 

The girls are back on their feet, reorganized, smoking, and drinking. Cane time from the kinkster. Fiona lies on the couch. “Are you going to pull her knickers down?” Just three strokes, and Fiona looks surprised and alarmed.

Sophie herself spanks her brunette friend OTK. Christian is not impressed. “I don’t know if this girl really wants this commercial or not.”

Some slippering, then Sophie’s turn for the cane. Over the couch, dress up, 6 strokes on the bare, as usual, not a sound from her, another testimony to the high pain threshold she was proud of. Everybody wants to feel her bottom.  The girls move to the fireplace, gotta have a mantelpiece in these films. Frequent visits to the wine throughout the film. Facing us, Sophie pulls her knit dress over her head. Naked. One of the best moments in all her films. A few more cane strokes for Sophie–she can take it harder, she says. She wants that job.

Fiona takes off her dress,  not quite as eager as Sophie to get naked.  “Cane or crop?” Sophie pulls down her bikini panties and Fennington  canes her.

The brunette selects the crop and takes off her dress. Sophie does the panties. Three bare bottoms into the frisk position at the fireplace. Long creaming scene and bare bottom display. We’d guess all the girls got hired.

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