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Country Cousins – KANE

31 Aug

2M/2f; time: 45 minutes

Another confused spanking circus from ‘George Harrison Marks,’ anything to get a model’s clothes off in this era. ‘Deidre’ practices on the organ. Her Uncle Victor arranges for a special teacher, although “he’s a bit weird.”

That would be Marks of course, and when he comes to the house for the first lesson, he tells Deidre “I want to hold you or other parts of you” to feel the sexual force of the music. Right in the door, he is after her pants.

Marks gets Deidre to dance and strip. He begins an OTK spanking. She has some bruises.

FADE to the next lesson, more spanking and some marijuana he has brought with him. Cousin ‘Rebecca’ enters the scene, another bottom for Marks. “Three of us!” Rebecca has nipple rings and a rose tattoo just above her pussy. Uncle Victor arrives and spanks both girls.

You don’t need this one unless you’re Marks’ biographer.

Jailbreak Hotel – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

31 Aug

M/2f; year: 2012; time: 28 minutes

A ‘LUPUS DREAMS’ production, combining corporal punishment and sex. A goofy production. No subtitles, and we don’t worry about the plot.

A prison ‘doctor’ nips at vodka he has disguised in the infirmary medicine bottles, and idea we will put to use.

Two girls in a prison cell, one mulatto girl is apparently new. She will be used by her cellmate in some lesbian games. When the blond cellmate fucks the girl with a brush handle and the girl complains, we get to see the drunken doctor in action.

The doctor gives the mulatto a rough gyno exam in the infirmary and is too drunk to detect any damage. So  a guard takes the naked girl, puts her in a pillory, flogs her, then fucks her from behind. He has a real fire hose.

Some blowjob scenes. Lots of talk. We didn’t care.


31 Aug

F/f; time: 11 minutes

The continuation of ‘Watching Porn at Work,’ where Sarah Stern catches Amelia Jane Rutherford watching porn at her desk.

If she is so curious, the ladies agree that a caning might be interesting. Amelia wears a red skirt and black blouse, her blond hair in braided pigtails here. Amelia is good with the experiment and strips down to  naughty black panties, which she willingly pulls down.

Garter belt and stockings only, hands on chair, lefty Sarah Stern begins caning. 12 strokes. “Oh, God, that’s horrible!” She probably doesn’t mean it. Bottom full screen. They sit to discuss. A success.

Slave Auction – ELITEPAIN

31 Aug

M/f; time: 1 hr 31 minutes

Typical weird stuff from ELITEPAIN. Maximilian Lomp addresses a group of kinky men who will be able to bid up the price to torture and torment a captive girl in front of them.

A blindfolded girl is stripped naked and made to stand on a pedestal in front of the men. She is asked impossible or embarrassing personal questions, and when she doesn’t answer properly, Lomp auctions off the degree of her punishment.

Frontal whipping, nipple pinching, seated spread-eagled on a portable heater,, whipped frontally on a table, caned and whipped by the bidders. Weird.

ELITEPAIN has included scenes from another girl who apparently broke during the filming.

Learning Curve – FIRMHAND

23 Aug

Another series from hot and dynamic ‘Samantha Woodley,’ who can actually act. We haven’t found her vital statistics yet.  She is short, round of bottom and thigh, full boobs. Not the willowy runway type, but very much the CP film type. Dark hair, flashing dark eyes, and an insouciant way about her. Her acting brings forth your first instinct– a spanking is definitely needed here.

(A)(M/f; year: 2010; time: 7 minutes) Samantha has forgotten to pay her car insurance. ‘Eric Strickman’ plays the male lead here, her advisor. A girl like this needs supervision.

He takes no guff, she is bent over a table, her breezy white dress thrown up. Handspanking and belt on red panties. She kicks and struggles as well as it can be done. She is sent to get the hairbrush. OTK, more kicking. This scene is repeated from  different angles. Panties down, Ms. Woodley is very erotic here.

Strickman marches her to the corner by a handful of hair and arranges her skirt so her bottom is on display.

(B)(M/f; time: 2 minutes) In this series, some of the episodes are shorter and direct continuations. Strickman bends Samantha over the couch for the belt on her bare bottom. The graphic reports 100 strokes. On the couch, he has wrestled her around into the diaper position when the scene fades.

(C)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) More of the belt in the diaper position. Strickman holds her legs with his free hand. She squeals delightfully. She can’t help a little smile, apparently amused by all these gyrations. The camera is careful to avoid frontals all the while.

Bend over the couch for a long thin stiff strap which looks like it could hurt. The graphic for this segment reports 203 strokes.

(D)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Samantha has been caught stealing Eric’s money right in the house. . She is the naughtiest of girls–doesn’t pay bills, steals, tries to escape the house, ignores curfews, etc. Spankings all around.

Silly protestations–“If you’d give me more allowance…” She is deadly here in denim shorts and a white peasant blouse. Eric takes a strap out of the night table drawer .”You keep these in your bedroom?” Some OTK and palm slaps.

Hard handspanking. “Get those jeans down.”  The tiniest of G-strings. As we have seen on occasion, Samantha would rather her bottom spanked than palm slaps. Fast strapping, forehand and backhand, so as to cover both cheeks.

(E)(M/f; time: 4 minutes) This bedroom spanking continues. Eric yanks down her G-string. “Let’s dispense with those.” Samantha lies on pillows on the bed. A mild, fast cropping, and a bit corny here. Eric likes his work, “a bright red bottom equates to stealing.”

(F) (M/f; time: 3 minutes) A new scene. Eric pulls Samantha out of bed. She has been caught in a lie. And she sleeps without panties. She lies over a hassock, elbows on the floor, a provocative pose. Oops, there is a tiny G-string.

Eric takes her to a sink and sticks a wet bar of soap in her mouth and continues the spanking. This is vaguely unconvincing–we have seen the best soapings at NUWEST and LUPUS.

(G) (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Eric catches Samantha in a tub, she didn’t go to work. She is rather smart-ass. “I am soaking my butt. It is so sore.” He grabs her out of the tub by her hair, telling her she is now going to learn what it is like to be spanked on the a wet bottom.

OTK on the side of the tub. Naked Samantha is sweetly embarrassed here, despite what she has been offering us. We don’t recall very many tub or shower wet bottom scenes in the FIRMHAND work we have reviewed.

(H)(M/f; time: 4 minutes) Samantha has a bottle of liquor and is having a snort. She wears a silk top and matching loose panties. Eric knocks and waits. Samantha scrambles to hide the booze. He enters and detects it.

He grabs her, pulls down her panties, and throws her over his shoulder and takes her downstairs. An OTK spanking, loud, cute, conventional. Promises to be good. She allowed to scamper back upstairs, panties down of course.

(J) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) In an exterior scene, Samantha scuttles across the patio in full schoolgirl kit and tries to climb a ladder to go over the wall. Eric catches her and carries her back into the house and right upstairs.

He wrestles her on the bed into an OTK position. We’d have to say the actors must

have trusted each other to perform this. He grabs a hairbrush and promises “pretty little white circles” on her bottom. Pants down.

To the wall, she must stand bare bottom while Eric goes to get the cane.

(K) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Samantha’s punishment for trying to run away continues. Eric wants some of her clothes off. She squirms on the order. “Do you want me to dance?” Eric doesn’t miss the CP cue and tells her she’ll be dancing soon enough.

Samantha kneels on all fours on the bed for fast flurries of taps of the cane. The camera maintains an oblique angle to preserve her modesty in this most revealing posture. Eric moves her around into the diaper position. A mild struggle, she is as light as a feather. When he leaves her, she has a bottle of skin cream handy.

(L)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha knocks on her neighbor’s door. She has crashed into his car on the street. We have a new male disciplinarian stepping up. Eric must be on the disabled list with a bad elbow. She is wearing a little black outfit with shorts.

The guy threatens the police. We know from above that Samantha lost her car insurance. “No, please, I’ll do anything you want.”  The guy grabs her OTK–he has the same instincts as everyone else when he sees this wiggling little morsel.

“You’re going to pay me for my car.” “Sorry.” “Not as sorry as you’re going to be.” A brief spanking to start; the guy is late for work, she will make him breakfast while he dresses. She begs that she can’t cook.

(M)(M/f; time: 4 minutes) Samantha is immediately in trouble, burning toast and not knowing how to make coffee. Kitchens are great places for spankings. The guy grabs a kitchen spoon and gives her an impressive whacking after bending her over a table. The graphic informs 90 strokes.

She drops her shorts on command and he bunches her red panties during the spoon work.  He then marches her into a largely empty large room and bundles her into a small closet, where we will continue.

(N)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha crawls out of the box-like closet to grab some food out of the refrigerator. “What are you doing out of the closet?” Samantha feigns some anger. “This is like cruel and unusual. I’m going to call the police on you.”

That cuts no ice. She is soon bent over the arm of an easy chair for the strap. Those pink panties.

(P) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) In the finale of the series, Samantha is hoovering as best she can and she decides to take a break. Her neighbor who has indentured her  catches her and begins spanking her with a plastic vacuum cleaner tube. OTK panties bunched. The strap over the couch.

The guy explains that he has arranged for his insurance company to pay for the car damage on a hit and run claim. Samantha realizes she has been had, that he has been spanking her for the fun of it.

(BA)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Richard Anderson needs to straighten out student teacher Valerie Bryant the traditional way. The set is a well furnished room with a stained glass window providing muted lighting. We can fantasize the student teacher has been called to the headmaster’s private quarters. She bares her bottom for a long handspanking. Lovely facials from this slightly amused model. White knickers.

(BB) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Valerie and Richard. She is instructed on the ‘Scottish tawse’ here. Over the table, red knickers. The strap makes her gasp. “Stand up please and remove your panties.” Some rubbing. Slow motion.

(BC) ((M/f; time: 9 minutes) The training continues. Leather paddle here. Valerie narrates. It hurt so much she lost count. Anderson shows her the paddle. She kneels on a chair. Red knickers again. Reaction CAM.

(BD) (M/f; time: 11 minutes) More training. Valerie examines another strap. Hands on a chair. She has learned by now to stick out her bottom without direction. Anderson explains the timing of strap strokes to maximize the sting. Same red panties. She is very red by now. Narrates. This is the worst yet. Slow motion.

(BE) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) This time the training will occur in the house, because “the office is being used today.” Shouldn’t Valerie be on her guard? The bath brush is the instrument here. she lowers her jeans and goes OTK, showing showing frilly light blue transparent bikini panties, which you would only wear if you expect to show them to someone. Anderson describes the brush as a “short sharp shock.’ In her post spanking comments, Valerie tells us “it stings a lot more than the others.” Red bottom below her knickers. Slow motion.



(BH) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Valarie is nearing the culmination of her student teacher training. “You have done very well this week.” The last instrument will be the cane, “a very serious implement.” Valerie bends over a chair. The caning begins on her skirt. The lighting is better in this room for this episode. Skirt off, black panties, which Valerie takes down herself, not without some pleasure. 12 strokes, no marks.

(BJ) (M/f) Valerie’s finale with Anderson. They are in the house again in excellent sunlight. We have been waiting–Valerie takes her blouse off now–no bra. She bends of the arm of a couch, knickers down, 18 strokes of the cane, she counts them, and we see marks. The final reward, she sashays down the hall naked.


22 Aug

M/3f; time: 1 hr 20 minutes

A long and formulaic schoolgirl film, possibly boring to some, but it is filled with classroom  ritual, and it features three experienced CP models, ‘Brigella,’ ‘Kara-Jane Dempsey,’ and ‘Donna,’ all with a list of film credits.

The girls arrive at detention one at a time. The set is the faux panel wall MG used in many films. ‘Mr. Forder’ (looks like ‘Colin Dempsey’ from many XEROTICS films) presides, a somewhat dour, and we will see, a slightly kinky disciplinarian, who we don’t remember elsewhere in the MG catalogue.

Sweet blond Kara-Jane is a prefect and the Head Girl, dressed in pinafore and knee socks. Forder is going to spank her anyway. He gets her OTK, full white panties down quickly. Over the desk for more spanking and a paddle. Nice rubbing.

Cut, Kara-Jane and Brigella enter the detention room. Briggy, prized by many spankos as an early and courageous CP film warrior, is younger here, and marginally plausible as a schoolgirl. She has the look here of the youngest Katherine Hepburn. Briggy was caught stealing, and prefect Kara is delivering her.

OTK, panties down. When she is moved to a bend-over posture, Brigella  tries to sneak her panties up. After some strap, she is sent to the wall, hobbled by her panties. Knickers play a central role in this film–up, down, thrown around, kicked away. If we were Forder we would have put a pair in our pocket, but he didn’t. Briggy mouths off, so back over the desk. Forder uses a hard leather paddle, which will make all three girls squeal. Briggy is vaguely amused, and as an actress, in full control,

The third girl for detention is brought in–brunette Donna. She’s been caught smoking. OTK spanking and bend-over for strap and paddle. Forder finishes up the two girls with more bare bottom spanking.

He turns over the detention to Head Girl Kara. The girls squabble with her, not convinced her she can hold authority. Kara takes Donna then Brigella OTK. Then she paddles them both. But she will go further–the cane. First Donna on the bare bottom for 13 strokes. She seems to gasp most on the first stroke, and we suspect the intensity was reduced. But great bottom, and noisy, erotic acting. Brigella  gets 16 on the bare, and nary a peep from her.

The girls are back seated, throwing spitballs, when Forder returns. The girls have written no lines, so Forder spanks both Donna and Briggy. Kara observes. Donna is sent to the wall. Forder wants her skirt off, which is a problem, because she is the only girl whose blouse is too short to cover her. Forder will sneak looks for the rest of the film and she will knowingly flash.

And now the cane. “Very rarely do I cane girls.” But Donna and Briggy argue. They were just caned by the Head Girl, which apparently exceeded her authority. Donna goes over the desk, 7 strokes, she gasps the loudest. Brigella next. “Strip,” orders Forder. Everyone seems to know this is over the top, but Briggy strips to just bra. She gets almost 20 strokes, and we didn’t detect repeats. Kara counts some of them.

Donna is brought out for 12 more, her bottom is the best of the three, but it’s a tough choice. You’ll want leisure to decide for yourself. Forder wants her legs open more.

Now Forder will cane Kara and the girls may witness. He confiscates her prefect pin and spanks her first. Over the desk, Forder helps her step out of her panties and gets his frontal looks. First a whipping with his doubled belt–25 strokes make Kara cave.

Then 20 from the cane. “Wider” as to her thighs. Are the girls “satisfied?” Kara faces us, hands-on-head, blouse rides up. Forder plays with her pussy with the tip of his cane and hands her back her prefect pin.

At the conclusion of this film, there is a solicitation  to contact Brigella by email at Kane Magazine.


21 Aug

2M/f; time: 26 minutes

A bit of a series, where ‘Sarah Bright’  seems to be behind in her bills and men come to her rather quaint country cottage to make collection, in various ways. Girls-in-debt make for some entertaining CP films. Late rent leads to many spankings, especially for an ingénue (‘Dorsett Cottage’). For older women and householders, we remember a CALSTAR where the housewife pays for appliance repair with her bottom, another where the TV repairman gets his chance, and a famous CALSTAR where a girl pays off two housepainters with sex and spanking.

Sarah greets the bill collector and  begins seducing him. In an odd editing cut, a blowjob is immediately underway. This guy has a significant case of penis curvature, which must drive the girls wild. A long scene, no money shot.

A second character comes to the door later, the familiar ‘Mr. Stern.’ He’s got his account book, Sarah owes him 750 lbs. “You’re going to get a damn good thrashing, and you’re still going to pay me.” He begins smacking Sarah as she stands. He has brought his paddles. She strips to bra and panties, the same as she was wearing in the first scene, suggesting this is a painful day.

“I will get the money, Just stop.” “How?” Panties down. This film will continue.

Schoolgirl’s and Daughters – KANE

17 Aug

2M/f; M/2f; time: 48 minutes

Punctuation by the producer. George Harrison Marks at work. A boy and girl, in hippie or bohemian dress, cavort on a couch. The guy gradually gets his girl’s clothes off and gets to spanking her. She is the typical girlie so covets by Marks in this era. It is all rather silly. Too bad he couldn’t go further in this era.

The girl’s father interrupts and the boy runs off. The father continues the spanking of his naked daughter in this mostly a nudie show.

The second half of this film contains the 24-minute version of the second half of ‘Hot Young Cheeks’ we reviewed as a BIZARRE film. We repeat here–it is a schoolgirl spanking featuring perhaps the most erotic little student we have ever seen. Never saw her again.

The Punished Maid – ELITEPAIN

16 Aug

M/f; time: 25 minutes

An odd film, which reaffirms that ELITEPAIN productions are not our particular interest.

An auburn-haired maid is caught stealing by her master and sent to what must be the basement of the house. While he watches, she strips naked, taking off her French maid’s outfit. She certainly has the credentials for a CP film, powerful little body and thighs, with prominent boobs and a round hot bottom.

The guy cuffs her and fastens her to a chain link fence. We then whips her, just on the back for this phase. 50 strokes are counted.

She is then turned around and fastened. 50 strokes on her boobs.

Then 50 strokes on her pussy, while she lies on her back with her legs open.

Her bottom is still clear. She kneels on all fours, knees wide, for 50 strokes on her buttocks. The evidence of the previous whipping is noticeable, so the sequence of these phases may have been as shown. For us, for our tastes, the eroticism was absent here.



Punishment of Delores – SHADOWLANE

16 Aug

M/f;  time: 35 minutes

Early SHADOWLANE, directed by Eve Howard. ‘Arthur Meeks’  is working as an interior decorator for his client ‘Delores Cortez.’  He arranges his next appointment to visit her place and informs her that her last check bounced. “You are going to get a spanking.”

Delores prepares for Arthur’s visit and gathers literally armloads of spanking implements and puts them away. His threats must be music for her. He arrives, there is some teasing, he opens a closet with a plan to organize the space, the contents dump out, and he finds more spanking tools.

Ms. Cortez, an older model, apparently in the years when SL began accessing Las Vegas girls and name models in the CP field, goes OTK for a long spanking with all sorts of things–strap, paddles, crop, from the piles of implements. Panties off.

Delores has stripped to just bra, garter belt, and stockings–we’re in the girlie-show era of spanking films. And a little bundle of birches. Bend over a table, not much of interest here.