Teacher’s Lesson – SPANKEDCHEEKS

1 Aug

F/f; time: 21 minutes

These SPANKEDCHEEKS  films all have roughly the same format–setting in a single room, ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ confronted by one or two people in authority or with leverage over her. Mild to moderate spankings, mostly featuring Amelia’s glorious bottom center-screen. Her typical indignant protest. Maybe these films were made at or by the STRANDVIDEO  Remington Steel group.

Here, ‘Miss Lina’ is a headmistress, a bit silly in cap and gown, who employs Amelia as a teacher. Some of Amelia’s students have complained to their parents about being spanked, “have come home with red bottoms.”  Amelia freely admits it, arguing that it is both justified and effective. But the parents on the school Board want some action. Video evidence? There is a SHADOWLANE film where a student’s father spanks Amelia himself, and  several other CP films where complaining parents themselves get caught in the disciplinary machine.

Amelia argues with Lina, so she will get a dose of her own medicine. Lina has Amelia strip off her typically tight tan dress, down to flower bra and panties. She is then asked to drop her panties and go OTK. Her bottom is a fading pink from another film. Amelia protests that she doesn’t use this intimate position. She puts students over the desk. “We’ll do that later.”

Paddle and straps come out of the headmistress’ desk drawer. “Really? I didn’t use implements.” Over the desk for the typical moderate spanking, and more OTK when Amelia’s attitude doesn’t moderate. Unusually mild in all, 24 straps counted, 48 with the paddle, and a fly would have escaped.

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