Tony and Eve A College Fantasy – SHADOWLANE

2 Aug

M/f; year: 1987; time: 43 minutes

This is most likely the first SHADOWLANE production, catalogue SLV-001, when Tony Elka and Eve Howard were working out of Ed Lee’s NUWEST studios and about to set out on their own. NUWEST production values are evident–the cavernous studio, audio hum, washed out and inconsistent color and lighting, camera angles, cheap furniture. But the seeds of the spanking imagination are fully present–this is an erotic plot any spanko would love. And a playful fantasy. Was this a spoof or were they serious about this acting?

Tony plays a young professor and Eve a more-than-willing student. This story launches a thousand ships.

‘Tony Meets Eve’  They discuss classes she should take. She has her art portfolio with her and wants to go her own direction. Blouse, skirt, black-and-whites.

‘3 To Grow On’ Eve and Tony meet in a college corridor;  he saw her working at a bar last night, a side of her he did not know. He takes the liberty of smacking her on her skirt a few times. She feigns shock but loves it.

‘F For Fail’ Eve reports to Tony. She is failing the courses Tony advised her to take. “Sit down while you still can.” He tries to be threatening and we admire the effort. He grabs her OTK. “You have no right to do this!” A very brief spanking. Tony explains, if she wants to complete the semester, there will be a bare bottom here. Lots of “fuck” this and “fuck” that from Tony as he tries to appear severe. Tony wants Eve to use the word “bottom,” not “ass.” Skirt up, slip up, loose white panties down. Very early camera work, no closeups, poor angles. You have to wonder why, in this year 1987, when cinematography was far more advanced. Budget.

‘Hand in Glove’ Before Thanksgiving break, Eve gives Tony a gift of driving gloves. “I wonder what these are for…someone wants to go for a ride?” The sexual innuendos and acting are awkward, but we are loving these two adventurous spanko pioneers, knowing their CP film careers to come. Eve tries to seduce him whatever way she can. She alludes to a “h-a-r-d-on.”

Tony takes her OTK and spanks with one glove on. When he pulls her panties down, he discovers another smaller pair, transparent white lace. “Fancy!” She was ready. When her bottom is bare, there is abundant pubic hair peeking, circa 1987.

‘Taking Eve’s Measure’ Another discussion in Tony’s office, and another spanking, OTK, a handspanking and a big yardstick. He gradually gets to bare skin, while she is trying for more action all the while. They hug after this session. “I could have a much better attitude in class if you did other things with your pants down.”

One Response to “Tony and Eve A College Fantasy – SHADOWLANE”

  1. naughtynora August 2, 2017 at 3:23 pm #

    I love these old spanking videos… I’ll have to try to find this one!

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