Jodi Cline and Ed Lee – NUWEST

3 Aug

M/f; time: 30 minutes

Don’t have a title for this one. The film was made late in Ed Lee’s life, on the sound stage and in the lighting used in the latter part of his production career.

Jodi Cline walks onto a darkened, theatrically lit stage. With no dialogue, she strips naked. Probably an enhanced body, a shaved vagina, and of course the bubble butt which made her a feature at NW.

A sharp cut: Ed Lee walks onto the set; Jodi has been tied face down on a table, legs spread. Jodi is wearing just stockings to the thighs and heels. The scene transitions in this film will all be done by spliced cuts.

Lee flourishes a cane. “I’m going to give you 60. Count.” Moderate strokes, less than imaginative camera angles, except for her spread legs. He unties her and she kneels up to rub.

Cut. Jodi is now strung up. Lee flogs her boobs and front. When she is released, she rubs her boobs vigorously in a closeup. Lee is trying to appeal to his entire fan base.

Cut. Jodi lies on her back on an Oriental rug. Her legs are pulled wide by ropes at her ankles and her wrists attached there. Her labia are clamped open. A rather unlikely position. Lee flogs her pussy before he lets her up. We are not in this particular fan base.

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