From the Headmaster’s Study – The Immodesty LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

7 Aug

M/3f; year: 2005; time: 56 minutes

An odd film in this series, so much dialogue even the subtitles don’t suffice. Two girls in full Victorian garb report to the familiar headmaster. Pavel Stastny.  They’ve been sent to be punished, the only reason to report here.

A redhead will go first–she must pick a cane off the rack, and she had better hurry, before the headmaster makes his own selection. She is strapped down over the trestle and her bloomers opened. The second girl kneels on the washboard facing the action.

Pavel canes the redhead, just as hard and colorfully as always at LUPUS, 60 strokes, as  he had announced, and the girl screams all the way. The girls switch places, and as the brunette’s bottom is being prepared, she seems to talk herself out of the whipping, possibly suggesting, reading between the lines on the cryptic narrative on the LUPUS website, that she is sexually excited by a caning.

Cut to a gathering of the school Council, LUPUS characters seen in other films. In a scene almost 15 minutes long, they seem to be discussing this phenomenon of girls being excited by floggings. Councillor Ehrlich is there, a preacher we have seen,  a character named ‘Freud,’ and others. What to do with Julie?

We return to the headmaster’s office, where he is going to cane two more girls, ‘Julie’ and ‘Rajbova,’ both of whom take prototype LUPUS bare bottom canings over the trestle, but seem a bit randy and over-friendly as they move naked around his office after their whippings.

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