7 Aug

F/mf; time: 15 minutes

The headmistress at St. Kathrin’s high school has grabbed an  intruder. She brings a boy and girl into her office, and they hang their heads as she scolds. Without subtitles, we have to guess who is the intruder.

The headmistress lays out spanking implements and clears off the top of her desk. The boy and girl drop their pants. The head can’t resist teasing the boy’s penis with her riding crop. He gets the first spanking, then the girl, who pisses herself and is sent off.

The cropping continues, nothing of note. The headmistress  strips off her top and puts on a doctor’s gown. This is promising. She forces the girl to give the boy a blowjob, but she isn’t very good at it and we don’t stay on it long enough. The headmistress has the girl lie on a table, she gags her, then clamps her vagina open. The Head puts on a strap-on dildo and fucks the boy as he, in turn, flogs the girl’s pussy. Weird.

The head then fucks the girl, apparently with no sanitary intermission. And the girl jerk off the boy. What was this all about?

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