7 Aug

MF/f; time: 28 minutes

A film in two parts, the first segment with ‘Leia Ann Woods’ and ‘Sarah Bright.’ Sarah may be Leia’s Lesbian cellmate friend from prison, paying a call on her. Domineering Sarah grabs Leia’s cell phone away from her and takes her OTK.

Leia wears a short blue skirt and a blue top. A brisk spanking, white panties down. Ms. Woods has been a favorite of ours because she has a tendency to offer her bottom every so subtly during a spanking and to spread her legs without prompting. Sarah has Leia strip naked, which Sarah loves, before continuing the spanking.

In the section half of the film, Leia meets with a familiar older guy, who might be her parole officer. He is suspicious as to how she is supporting herself. This is all he needs. He gets his paddles out. “Been stealing again?”

Leia kneels on a chair and is paddled on white shorts. She has the most delightful and trim little figure over the years. The guy spanks much harder than Sarah did. Panties off, hands on head, over the chair for more paddle. And a long frontal as she is scolded.


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