The Thief – filmextreme

7 Aug

M/4f; time: 20 minutes

A short film from this LUPUS wannabe which doesn’t fulfill the promise the plot offers.

A doctor has been called to the St. Kathlin girls’ high school to ferret out a thief. In a  meeting with the headmistress, he explains that he has his ways. And the dour headmistress seems quite good with that.

The doctor is escorted in to meet the girls, 4 brunettes in various nighttime outfits, shifts and bloomers. In the corner is a menacing old-fashioned gynecology chair, not much more than padded slabs of wood, but whose purpose can be nothing else but bad news.

He asks the headmistress to leave. He is going to punish each girl the same way until the thief is identified. The girls first must bare their bottoms. Some entertainment comes when the girls get their various kinds of pants down.

The doctor walks the four bottoms and paddles them. All we can say is, he hasn’t watched any LUPUS tapes. One of the girls pisses herself and must clean it up,

Two girls are excused, the second two girls are made to strip naked. One girl lies face down on the extended chair, for a spanking and groping, both anal and vaginal, Absent subltitles, we’re not sure if the doctor earned his fee.

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