8 Aug


‘Four Girls Stripped and Strapped’ (M/4f; time: 10 minutes) Webmaster Michael Masterson deals with four girls sentenced to time at the RealSpankingsInstitute. Miss Lila, brunette Roxy, (glasses), Miss Lana, and brunette Syrena are scolded for uniform violations.

“Get your clothes off.” Full-screen, the girls hurriedly strip, each eying the others, as if the last one naked may pay an extra price, which may in fact be another item in the RSN handbook. When the girls are naked, and looking very young and helpless, the camera holds and zooms a bit.

Masterson, with a strap in his hand, sorts through their clothing piles and discards unauthorized items. He will ask each girl a question from the handbook about the correct number of clothing items permitted to be worn.

Each girl misses her question and must bend over naked for the strap. 5-10 strokes. The strapping is repeated from a face-cam. The final five minutes has scenes which were cut out and gathered here.

‘Four Girls Paddled For Uniform Violations’ (M/4f; time: 20 minutes) Masterson continues to punish the four goofy girls, quite naked here at the beginning of this segment, for the uniform violations he detected earlier. Each girl will be able to select a paddle from several to choose from, and pick the position she wants to assume.

Blonde Miss Lila is paddled first. She bends and grabs her ankles. Masterson lays on 10 strokes, low, so that the buttocks crease is almost the target. Significant bruises. Brunette Roxy is paddled next-her offense was her bra was not white. She cries out so loudly at the first two strokes that Masterson clearly lightens up.

Miss Roxy also was wearing a non-issue bra. Masterson asks why. “Make you feel sexy?” “The fit, sir.” Why she selects a large fraternity paddle puzzles us, because it covers most of her bottom.

And brunette Syrena last. She has been at the school only five weeks and Masterson is sure she has been corrupted by the other girls. The other girls got 10 strokes. Masterson gives Syrena only six and suspends the remaining four, pending good behavior.

He carefully lines up the four bruised bottoms for the camera, legs slightly spread. “Nobody moves.” The girls have to kneel along the wall, leaning with elbows touching the wall, hands on head. They must lift their legs, so that all the pressure is on their knees. An hour glass will time this torment.

Continuing; the four girls stand in line, holding straps on outstretched arms. They are partially dressed, in blouses and panties. Masterson takes the strap from each girl and has her hold her arms straight above a head, an uncomfortable exercise the girls had better get used to.

They bend over a table, and he walks the line and pulls down each pair of panties. “Are your butts still warm from this morning?” He walks the line again and straps each bottom three or four times, eliciting gasps on the second or third hard stroke. This scene is repeated from an oblique view which shows the fall of the strap, the pained faces and the anxious anticipation of the waiting bottoms.

In another scene, the four girls are lined up facing us. They must removed their half-masted panties and bras and hand them over to Masterson. Bend-over again at the same table, hands behind their backs. “Don’t let your breasts touch the table.” Masterson paddles the row this time, about 4 strokes each. Different qualities of yelps, but the girls do sound off. The same paddling is view from the oblique. four faces to watch.

Another scene (34 minutes). Out of character now, the four goofy girls sit in front of Masterson, now fully dressed, at the end of their shooting day. They laugh a bit about how the day went and how sore they are. Masterson asks them to show their bottoms and rates the individual marks they have.

The girls then strip. He will interview them and tells us his viewers like girls to be naked when they talk–something to look at. Four very young girls fidget naked for the camera, keeping their knees together.

‘Syrena’ is first to talk–she likes being spanked, by men, likes the before and after. She was paddled by her step-father, where the fetish developed. Syrena will then lie across the other three naked girls’ laps and be handspanked in various positions. Masterson adds 12 with his belt, a scene repeated from a face CAM and a rocking whipping.

Each of the three remaining girls will be briefly interviewed then spanked in similar ways. To conclude, all four kneel at the wall on their kneecaps.

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