Lawyers at Elite Club – MOOD

10 Aug

MF/2f; time: 45 minutes

Two girls, Monica and Leila, aspiring lawyers, have become entangled with some gangsters, who filmed some sex they had with them and now blackmail them–they must be weekend sex slaves or risk their sexual escapade on  the Internet ruining their futures.

‘Jessica’ represents the ‘Elite Club’ and she will get the gangsters off the girls’ backs if they capitulate to club demands. The girls will be tested. Monica is the first to strip naked; handcuffed, she is suddenly forced to face forward over a board of thumbtacks and screams. Leila is next to strip, and she doesn’t hesitate after seeing what happened with the tack board. She has to SIT on the board, which she does, gingerly. She is tied in place and Jessica canes her thighs while she sits. Nasty.

FADE. Against a white backdrop, the girls whip each other competitively, their bodies oiled. They have to keep a short rope pulled tight between them to keep spacing, as they circle and whip. Leila loses this little exercise and so is whipped by four apprentices, then caned by Jessica.

In another scene, Monica is whipped by the apprentices as the film degenerates into a typical MOOD melee. Lots of bottoms, murky storyline.

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