They Shoot Horses – FILMEXTREME

10 Aug

M/5f; time: 42 minutes

A nod to the 1969 film ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’ depicting Depression-era marathon dance contests, where desperate couples dance themselves to collapse competing in front of a slightly sadistic audience. Here, girls compete in spankings in front of an audience, accepting pain to their limits.

This is an entertaining storyline, which we only wish LUPUS had  developed.

The film opens in the office of the sleazy promoter at the Black Cat Cafe. He has to check out the applicant girls before they go on stage, which means of course they must strip naked. If he doesn’t like their bottoms, they’re out. The girls wear Depression-era flapper clothes. The manager helps himself to handfuls as the girls stand naked. He explains the rules–the girls will endure a series of whippings, the one who holds out the longest and is voted best by the customers wins.

Five girls strip in a dressing room prior to going on  stage. Two of the girls spread cream on their buttocks to lessen the pain. One striking brunette, ‘Jessica,’  is the featured player here.

Master of ceremonies ‘Billy’ introduces the five naked girls on stage. Disciplinarian ‘Tom’ explains that for this first challenge, five guys with cane the girls as they walk in circles on stage. First, the girls must put BDSM horse bits in their mouths. The girls circle and are caned, one drops out. The wheals are wild and varied on these moving targets.

For the second challenge, the girls bend over sawhorses, bits in their mouths again, for a big paddle. One girl is declared a cheater by the audience–we’re not sure how, and it doesn’t matter. She is put in portable wooden stocks, rather Biblical, her hands and neck pinned at her shoulders, and caned.

The third challenge–three girls left. The diaper position on padded blocks. The girls must hold wine bottles between their feet to ensure position. Hard strapping, all together. The cane marks have disappeared!

Two girls left. They are tied teat to teat and strung up, bit/gags held loosely in their mouths they must not drop. A hooded man, a nod to MOOD, circles the girls with a cane and slashes whatever bottom twists his way.

All entertaining ideas, just not filmed very well

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