Caning Of the Shrews – KANE

15 Aug

2M/2f; time: 48 minutes

One of George Harrison Marks’ largely silly girlie-show CP films. The best  part of this one is the identification or preview of about 20 other KANE/BIZARRE films, giving us yet another goal in our compulsive quest.

A bride, in full bridal regalia, strips off her wedding dress and undies, piece at a time, in a seduction and spanking scene which does not advance the genre very much. But it did lend to still shots. She is, though, one of the nudie types Marks coveted in late 70’s early 80’s period. She is eager to masturbate while he spanks. They hug at the conclusion. We presume British law prohibited the suggestion of anything else.

The next scene is a few years into the marriage, “Matrimonial Bliss.” The husband has a daughter, a KANE regular, who is sassy to her stepmother. The husband must deal with her when he gets home. He goes to her room, scolds and spanks her, bare bottom. She is not unfamiliar with taking her pants down for her father. And there seems to be a leather martinet available.

“Three years later and wedding bells again.” The daughter has married, and when she rejects some attention from her husband, she will be spanked. The couple wrestle around in their bedroom. Her white teddy becomes unsnapped along the way. There is a long handspanking, long and hard enough to matter. Like her stepmother, she likes to be spanked, and she too will seduce her husband, who probably is quite ready anyway.

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