15 Aug

M/f; time: 7 minutes

One of a few videos Niki Flynn made in Germany with Ludwig Rohrstock, simple exercises in the details of the spanking ritual. Niki paid several visits to LUPUS in the first decade of the 2000’s to make five films, during which Ludwig was able to befriend her.

A diminutive Niki sits on a chair reading a magazine. She sports short boy-cut hair, possibly the fashionable vestige of the on-screen hair chopping she endured in ‘Crime and Punishment’ at LUPUS. Ludwig takes her OTK for reading this banned magazine. Red top and kilt. Her trim little body never more admired than in this film.

An exterior, Ludwig spanks her at a rustic picturesque stone wall ruin, bare bottom in the sunlight.

Back inside, Ludwig finds some contraband in her backpack. She must strip naked, top, kilt, and lovely fitted white panties. Again, the most nifty little body, muscular and erotic together. Frisk position for the cane. Naked Niki remains on her tiptoes, which nicely tightens her leg and buttock muscles. Brief and perfect. Careful attention to spanko cues.

‘Niki and Ludwig’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Another wonderful short film made by these  two on Ms. Flynn’s European stopover. It is just a playful and simple caning, where the two will chat with the cameraman. No story. Ludwig is going to cane Niki and they laugh about it. They have rented a hotel room and hope they are not too noisy. Ludwig wants Niki naked,  but she protests—it was not part of the deal— just for a minute, then “strips off.” Jeans, jersey, bra, festive panties.  “Beautiful,” observes Ludwig. Niki is so thin except in the right places. As entertainingly naked as we can recall her.

She bends over for an agreed 12, but forgets to count, causing extras. Boobs hang so nicely. Stingy snaps from Ludwig, Niki’s little yelps, experienced stuff from both of them. Light marks are all. Ludwig: “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” Bottom held full screen. Perfect stuff. These short films are very hard to find. There are just a few more.

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