21 Aug

2M/f; time: 26 minutes

A bit of a series, where ‘Sarah Bright’  seems to be behind in her bills and men come to her rather quaint country cottage to make collection, in various ways. Girls-in-debt make for some entertaining CP films. Late rent leads to many spankings, especially for an ingénue (‘Dorsett Cottage’). For older women and householders, we remember a CALSTAR where the housewife pays for appliance repair with her bottom, another where the TV repairman gets his chance, and a famous CALSTAR where a girl pays off two housepainters with sex and spanking.

Sarah greets the bill collector and  begins seducing him. In an odd editing cut, a blowjob is immediately underway. This guy has a significant case of penis curvature, which must drive the girls wild. A long scene, no money shot.

A second character comes to the door later, the familiar ‘Mr. Stern.’ He’s got his account book, Sarah owes him 750 lbs. “You’re going to get a damn good thrashing, and you’re still going to pay me.” He begins smacking Sarah as she stands. He has brought his paddles. She strips to bra and panties, the same as she was wearing in the first scene, suggesting this is a painful day.

“I will get the money, Just stop.” “How?” Panties down. This film will continue.

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