22 Aug

M/3f; time: 1 hr 20 minutes

A long and formulaic schoolgirl film, possibly boring to some, but it is filled with classroom  ritual, and it features three experienced CP models, ‘Brigella,’ ‘Kara-Jane Dempsey,’ and ‘Donna,’ all with a list of film credits.

The girls arrive at detention one at a time. The set is the faux panel wall MG used in many films. ‘Mr. Forder’ (looks like ‘Colin Dempsey’ from many XEROTICS films) presides, a somewhat dour, and we will see, a slightly kinky disciplinarian, who we don’t remember elsewhere in the MG catalogue.

Sweet blond Kara-Jane is a prefect and the Head Girl, dressed in pinafore and knee socks. Forder is going to spank her anyway. He gets her OTK, full white panties down quickly. Over the desk for more spanking and a paddle. Nice rubbing.

Cut, Kara-Jane and Brigella enter the detention room. Briggy, prized by many spankos as an early and courageous CP film warrior, is younger here, and marginally plausible as a schoolgirl. She has the look here of the youngest Katherine Hepburn. Briggy was caught stealing, and prefect Kara is delivering her.

OTK, panties down. When she is moved to a bend-over posture, Brigella  tries to sneak her panties up. After some strap, she is sent to the wall, hobbled by her panties. Knickers play a central role in this film–up, down, thrown around, kicked away. If we were Forder we would have put a pair in our pocket, but he didn’t. Briggy mouths off, so back over the desk. Forder uses a hard leather paddle, which will make all three girls squeal. Briggy is vaguely amused, and as an actress, in full control,

The third girl for detention is brought in–brunette Donna. She’s been caught smoking. OTK spanking and bend-over for strap and paddle. Forder finishes up the two girls with more bare bottom spanking.

He turns over the detention to Head Girl Kara. The girls squabble with her, not convinced her she can hold authority. Kara takes Donna then Brigella OTK. Then she paddles them both. But she will go further–the cane. First Donna on the bare bottom for 13 strokes. She seems to gasp most on the first stroke, and we suspect the intensity was reduced. But great bottom, and noisy, erotic acting. Brigella  gets 16 on the bare, and nary a peep from her.

The girls are back seated, throwing spitballs, when Forder returns. The girls have written no lines, so Forder spanks both Donna and Briggy. Kara observes. Donna is sent to the wall. Forder wants her skirt off, which is a problem, because she is the only girl whose blouse is too short to cover her. Forder will sneak looks for the rest of the film and she will knowingly flash.

And now the cane. “Very rarely do I cane girls.” But Donna and Briggy argue. They were just caned by the Head Girl, which apparently exceeded her authority. Donna goes over the desk, 7 strokes, she gasps the loudest. Brigella next. “Strip,” orders Forder. Everyone seems to know this is over the top, but Briggy strips to just bra. She gets almost 20 strokes, and we didn’t detect repeats. Kara counts some of them.

Donna is brought out for 12 more, her bottom is the best of the three, but it’s a tough choice. You’ll want leisure to decide for yourself. Forder wants her legs open more.

Now Forder will cane Kara and the girls may witness. He confiscates her prefect pin and spanks her first. Over the desk, Forder helps her step out of her panties and gets his frontal looks. First a whipping with his doubled belt–25 strokes make Kara cave.

Then 20 from the cane. “Wider” as to her thighs. Are the girls “satisfied?” Kara faces us, hands-on-head, blouse rides up. Forder plays with her pussy with the tip of his cane and hands her back her prefect pin.

At the conclusion of this film, there is a solicitation  to contact Brigella by email at Kane Magazine.

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