Boss’s Secretary – ROUE

24 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

The early-style ROUE film; we’ve had to invent this title and guess at the producer. The soundtrack is ruined with a hum on our copy, and we cannot find anything on ROUE’s  much improved website or in CP archives. We’ll guess this was a discarded episode. We’ve said before we bet that spankos like us crave access to the vaults of some of the early CP film progenitors.

This film conveys the same erotic desperation of a girl forced to accept a spanking that is found in many of the ROUE and BLUSHES spanking/humiliation films we have admired here. We have here a film version of the sort of fiction found in JANUS, BLUSHES, FEBRUS and other CP magazines in the 70’s and 80’s.

An ‘Alan Bell’-type boss pontificates at his desk. We will never see his face. A young lady, ‘Miss Green,’ stands before him, head bowed, eye contact strained, wringing her hands. She is dressed in conventional blouse and skirt, costume jewelry, heels. Not a schoolgirl. We’ll fantasize she has committed some pretty serious office offense, like dipping into the petty cash or distributing her favors to the wrong people.

After several minutes of scolding, she slowly pulls up her skirt to display white panties and a garter belt, and he wants the skirt tucked just right. The kinky boss asks her to turn around. After more scolding and humiliation, she pulls her panties down,  very slowly, facing the closeup camera. She turns again–her bare bottom is framed by her garter belt–a period piece of CP filming. Exquisite ritual and tension. Whatever she’s done, she knows her goose is cooked. And she seems accepting the boss is entitled to this show.

The boss takes her OTK for a slow and moderate handspanking. Squeals and gasps. The girl then moves to a table where the boss adjusts her carefully and lays on 12 strokes of the cane, delivered slowly with teasing delays. He likes to “swish” first and then “whack.”

He tells her that she has been reassigned to be his assistant and that she will work in this office, starting tomorrow. She’ll be paying the price daily for a while. She’d better get to Harrow’s to upgrade her panty drawer.

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