Rigid Father 1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

5 Sep

M/2f; time: 34 minutes

Another very early RIGIDEAST, #006, containing the elements of corporal punishment genius later so brilliantly expanded.

A  very pretty young brunette, long chestnut hair halfway down her back, big brown eyes, wears a long skirt and blouse. She reports to her ‘father,’ if we are to assume so from the title, in his office/library. She will be left to wait, hands on head. Long holds on her sad and remorseful face. She even has circles under her eyes.

Her father enters the room, wearing suit and tie. There is a long Czech scolding, and after 8 minutes she goes over his lap. She knows what to do and there is no dispute. The father pulls her full length skirt up and takes some time in picking at her perfect white panties to ensure they are fitted the way he prefers.

He begins a slow and moderate handspanking, which gradually increases in intensity, for about 8 minutes. Long facials as the girl wrings her hands and sucks her fingers. Classic slow spanking ritual.

Finally, the girl stands and faces us. Her father slowly pulls down her panties. We will have a long frontal of her fuzzy brown natural bush. She has had her pants off before with this guy. He keeps smacking her, jolting her balance.

The girl is ordered to strip to gymslip and panties and to fetch a cane from the top of a bookcase. She knows just how to stand on a stool and reach it. The girl falls on her knees to beg, but the caning starts. Hands on a chair, the first 5 strokes on her panties. Her father pulls the panties down, and he does it with style. 20 more strokes on the bare, slowly done, very erotic. The girl struggles to hold position.

A young redhead enters. A sister? She doesn’t flinch at the sight of the marked-up bottom of the brunette. The redhead is taken OTK, panties exposed, as the film fades. Spanking night in this house.


One Response to “Rigid Father 1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST”

  1. naughtynora September 5, 2017 at 9:14 pm #

    I recently watched this…love these old classics😊

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