Save Your Seat – ELITEPAIN

5 Sep

M/5f; time: 1 hr 32 minutes

Typically weird film from ELITEPAIN/MOOD. Maximilian Lomp is running a quiz show format, where the four models have agreed to receive punishment if they miss quiz questions. Lomp is insistent there is no getting out of this once the games start.

When a girl is the only one among the remaining group to miss a question, she will be taken to an adjacent room and “tortured,” within earshot of all.

Brunette ‘Rony’ loses first, the other four girls strip her  naked, she is taken to the next room. Lomp and another guy twist her nipples (he loves to do that),which sets her to screaming. Then both guys cane her MOOD style.

‘Carmen’ (dyed red hair) loses the second round. She gets the pussy treatment– a flogging between her legs and electrified paper clamps. Her head has been enclosed in a box–her boobs are flogged.

Curly black haired Crystal loses. She is attached to a cross and whipped frontally.

The game winds down to the two most glamorous girls–Annette and Leila. She is strung up, whipped, gets the electric clamps, her nipples are dialed, then the two men turn to her heretofore clear bottom.

In an extra section, which might be a preview, and is just as weird as always, a guy crawls on all fours licking the pussies of four girls trying to identify his girlfriend.


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