Setting an Example – REDSTRIPE

5 Sep

MF/2f; time: 1 hour, 1 minute

A standard spanking scenario, but with some good actors. Blond ‘Miss Parker’ plays ‘Miss Thompson.’ She is putting one of her students, ‘Wendy.’ through exercises. Both are in workout gear. We know Miss Parker has an eye for girls.

Spandex down, OTK, over a stool for a strap. A man interrupts Thompson. “What is going on here?” Thompson is delightfully arrogant, almost imperious, at being challenged by a male supervisor. She pretends not to know what we spankos know, her bottom is going to be on the line.

The guy listens to Thompson’s recital of the girl’s offenses. He will continue Wendy’s punishment, but as to Thompson, “I’m going to deal with you later.”  Wendy gets standard spanking and caning,  a little bit faked actually. 12 of the cane, and 8 more for mouthing off, but just pushes, not strokes. She keeps popping off–7 more, this time harder.

Thompson has been watching and now it is her time. Over the stool, skirt up, handspanking, Wendy watches amused at her predicament. Panties down, handspanking, strap, cane. 12 strokes, Thompson’s hair comes loose. “Six more” for something.


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