Lesbian Teacher with Students – BIGJIMPRODUCTIONS

6 Sep

F/3f; time: 16 minutes

Maybe this film caught us at a good time, but we found surprising moments worth commenting on. Never heard of Big Jim.  Three slightly disheveled and vaguely familiar models play scruffy schoolgirls. They have reported to a female teacher, who snarls at them Domme-like, slashing a cane down on a desk for emphasis.

The three girls start by bending over a desk side by side, their little skirts ride up by themselves. The teacher kneels behind them, slowly peeling down each thong. Here comes one of the more entertaining shots we’ve seen in a while- zoom on the three pairs of legs, panties stretched tight at the ankles.

The teacher licks and fondles the bottoms, she can reach more than one at a time. The girls are marched to look out a window. The director went to the trouble of moving the camera outside to catch frontal fuzz through the glass.

Now the teacher strips down to panties, and the students are assigned, one to each nipple and one to her crotch. The four naked girls now go through some lesbian gyrations, oral/anal positions. In scene cuts, two of them wear strap-on’s  and fuck the other two. The orgasms are corny, but there is a lot of action in this 16 minutes.

“Same time next week.”

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