6 Sep

F/f; time : 11 minutes

A bit of a series from SPANKINGSARAH. We’re not sure who is the prisoner and who is the keeper, but there is enough spanking to hold our interest.

In this first film, ‘Sarah Bright’  calls on ‘Leia Ann Woods’  at her apartment. Leia is her nifty trim self in  blue top and checked skirt. Sarah grabs her OTK immediately. What is this about–late rant? a lesbian affair? Sarah seems in fact be an escaped prisoner, Leia a former cellmate,  and she is going to hang out here for a few days (and get some spankings in). Maybe their former relationship.

Tolerably entertaining spanking, made much better when Leia is required to strip naked. She remains one of the very best models in the natural state.

(Prisoner #4 M/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Mr. Stern’ calls on Leia, who complains to him that Sarah Bright has found her at this apartment. He will help her to disappear to a new apartment, and for that he wants a little reward–to give her a spanking.

She’ll take this deal and goes OTK, skirt up, purple panties fitted as Ms Woods always does. Leia drops her skirt and panties and kneels on the chair for a paddle. She is docile. Stern wants more. “You don’t mind if I  use the cane?” 25 strokes shown, maybe repeats.

Stern puts her in the corner to admire her bottom. This is in lieu of rent. “Same time next month?”


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