11 Sep

‘Ashley’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Sarah Bright interviews ‘Ashley,’ a long-haired brunette with rather theatrical makeup. Ashley nervously giggles over the process of a spanking as it is explained. Her boyfriend is with her, and she expects he will get excited and continue the action later. This amuses Sarah.

OTK, handspanking on denim shorts. Shorts down, cute pink striped panties, and Ashley’s bottom has assumed the color of those knickers. Sarah is very happy with her work.

‘Ella Hughes’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Ms. Hughes with Sara Bright. Ella claims this is her first spanking film.  We’ve found LATER appearances by her at BARSANDSTRIPES so far. She claims here to be 19, been into fetish since she was 18, and has had pleasant encounters with people who wanted to spank her.

Sarah explains the filming procedure. OTK, two cameras, one for the face and one for the bottom, stop any time. After 4 minutes of chatter, a vigorous spanking begins. Panties down 2 minutes later. Sarah becomes winded. “I’m smacking you really hard and you’re loving it.” “I probably like it more than I should.”

Sarah achieves a firm red glow on both Ella’s buttocks and thighs. “Look at my poor red hands,” says Sarah. Very entertaining, and go to BandS to see a slightly different Ella. Not a MOOD audition, but plausible.

‘Elle’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A long-haired brunette, Eurasian. She has a long interview with ‘Mr. Stern,’ including a description of what she is willing to do for men in the escort business.

She agrees she will try a spanking from Stern. Routine OTK, red satin panties. He asks her to keep glancing at camera. Panties down, spanking continues. She keeps her front covered.

‘Honey’ (M/f; time: 28 minutes) ‘Mr. Stern’ does the work here–‘Honey’ is a hefty blonde, a bit unusual for the CP scene. She is from South Africa and purports to be a fetish and figure model–with no experience in adult films, yet. She is paddled and caned in various postures, and she struggles to the extent this may not have been what she was expecting.

‘Imogen’ (F/f; time: 19 minutes) Sarah Stern, with a shiny-faced saucer blue-eyed pigtailed blonde in country garb who will remind you of 1970’s ‘Hee Haw’ TV, if you don’t mind the ancient reference. The girl wants to try a spanking film.

Long and silly dialogue occupy much of the film. Sarah shows her the implements she will choose from. The spanking begins on white panties;  when they come she seems more red than we would have expected. And she has a unique tramp stamp tattoo– a UPC scanning label.

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