Three Girls Caned in Malaysia – PUNISHEDBRATS

11 Sep

M/3f; year: 2015; time: 12 minutes

We’d like to say respectfully because we couldn’t make a film, that spanko/impresario ‘David Pierson’ missed by a mile exploiting a good idea. Three girls have been charged in Malaysia with smoking pot, the American Embassy has intervened, and Pierson explains he will cane them, and it will be filmed,  rather than have them go to prison or have to drop their drawers in a public square.

He explains the procedure  to them. They sit huddled together on a bench in a sort of residential setting. We presume that if in fact an Embassy were to do some extracurricular corporal punishment, it would be done in a storeroom or basement. Our personal reference for all these spanking-in-lieu-of films is CALSTAR’s ‘A Very British Compromise.’

The girls are ordered to strip. They will be called to the next room one at a time for a caning. “Evans!” A chunky brunette walks to Pierson in another residentially furnished space. Stark naked, she bends over a chair. Pierson gets her position just right, legs spread just right. 25 strokes, moderate, but on target, and Evans is good and not liking the caning.

We could have used a shot of the waiting girls hearing the squeals from the next room, as LUPUS does so well without a budget. And a bit more fearful anticipation, as the girl walks to her fate– Man of La Mancha. We’re hopeful on what must be two sequels, two more bottoms to do.

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