Discipline in Russia #46 First Aid At Home – NETTLES

12 Sep

M/f; time: 59 minutes

A slightly offbeat film for this series, and we have reviewed most of them. We had no subtitles here, so we will have to wing it somewhat on the storyline, which might be secondary to the spanking model featured.

It looks as if ‘Elena’ (Irina Sedova) is having trouble with her schoolwork. She is a statuesque brunette, and she will assume many pinup  poses in this film. She contacts an agency, which seems to provide the service of self-disciplinary first aid at home. Maybe she cheated on her studies?

‘Nadya Dozorova’ pays a call on Elena at home and seems to explain in a long interview what the services are from her agency. A graphic reports: Elena has failed all her exams and needs that service.

‘Nikita Mihlahov’ arrives with his bag. After another long discussion, Elena seems to be persuaded to take off her skirt and black panties. She proceeds to pose half-naked for Nikita on a photographer’s set which apparently is part of her house. With a 35mm camera, Nikita concentrates on various posings of her bare bottom, which is in fact a glorious thing to see. Is this part of her humiliation? Are these shots pre-punishment baselines? Is this blackmail for better work?

Top and bra off, Elena is one of the more spectacular models we have seen in this series. She takes up kneeling poses, almost porn shots. Terrific.

Nikita will now turn to what we thought would be the order of the day–he begins spanking her. She lies nude across his lap, elevated by the arms of chairs, poor choices for a spanking. He can’t quite get a clear shot at her lovely high bottom with his right hand. Wonderful closeups. We wondered why the production values are so good in this volume #46?

They adjust Elena’s position. She kneels sideways over two chairs and Nikita stands behind her and smacks down, very hard, bringing tears, a red bottom, and soon, bruises. He does his silly melodramatic jump-around thing, but Elena is certainly getting a real Russian spanking.

Nikita opens his bag (we  thought he’d brought implements, but no) and reads from what must be one of Elena’s schoolbooks. She kneels up on the couch in pinup poses while he lectures.

Back to the photography set. She is still naked, and has a red bottom, which Nikita photographs again. He admires her, for good reason. Real tears, smeared makeup.

She stands at the wall, a glorious body, and Dimples of Venus. He makes her kneel on a chair, hands on head, and pin a paper against the wall with her nose. More photos, a nudie show. Did she just fail courses, cheat?

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