House of Correction – SPANKINGSARAH

12 Sep

#4 (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Katie Didit.’ Amelia has been caught shoplifting and has roughed up a store employee. She has been sent to this ‘house of correction,’ no more than a kitchen of a residence so far, which will be used in several films. Katie Didit is in charge and she explains the punishment is spanking. “Is that allowed?”

Amelia is sent to room #3 to stow her bag (she’ll be staying over-there will be more sequences.) and returns to the kitchen. Katie positions a “stool,” a padded spanking trestle. Amelia is wearing a cardigan sweater over a blouse and tight denim short shorts. She is not going to argue.

Amelia bends over the trestle. Katie reminds her that her shorts are going to come down soon. “I can keep my panties on, can’t I?” “That’s up to me.” A handspanking, then a square black paddle.

Katie thinks a body inspection is needed. “Strip.” “Here?” Amelia slowly strips as she does so well, pausing hopefully at her panties. “Panties too, or I’ll do it.” Amelia yanks them down. Naked back over the stool, a great sight. More spanking. She is sent naked to her room. There will be more.

#7 (F/f; time: 9 minutes)Another STRAND video credited as made in Spain. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ works as a maid for ‘Katie Didit.’ Maybe she stayed on after her compulsory visit. She’s a snitch, she reports to Katie that she saw another employee, ‘Sarah Parker,’ smoking.

Katie is more angry at Amelia. “You should have been cleaning….going to get my stool…you’re going to bend over it, skirt up, knickers down.” This spanking occurs in an untidy kitchen, too confined a space for good camera angles.

Katie has a cane handy. “Ready for this?” Loud, colorful, brief. Plenty of closeup, the caning is all about Amelia’s bottom.

‘The Problem with Cherry’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Little Cherry English is detained at the House of Correction, and employee/trusty Amelia let her go to town last night. Not permitted. Amelia got paddled for it. Probation officer Mr. Parker is called in to observe Cherry’s punishment. They assume she shoplifted. Over the table for Cherry. She drops her skirt without dissent.  Very hard thin paddle on blue frilly knickers. Katie Didit pulls them down, probably stolen. Some wild fading marks. Low shots. Cherry calls her tormentors “sick perverts,” at a moment when her bottom is in the breeze. Harder and faster.

#14 (F/f; time: 10 minutes) ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sophie Parker’ chat on a couch. This is some sort of detention house or institution. Amelia wants to know what sort of punishments are meted out here.

It is spanking, of course, and Sophie will start her. OTK Amelia goes. “Bare bum?” Of course.

Sophie gives her a long and conventional spanking. A loud of squawking. We will find the continuation of this episode.

#16 (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Mr. Stern checks on the two girls interned—Amelia was shoplifting and Sophie is an inveterate prostitute. Sophie teases and flirts with him, making some impression. “We need to tend to  your issue,” he says, “deal with it here.” Sophie jumps on it, she wants to be paddled. Play struggle. Stern bunches her shorts for the paddle, which she takes off, including the panties. The paddle calms her down a bit.

#19 (F/f; time: 11 minutes) A rather unusual ‘prison,’ there won’t be any cavity searches in this place. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sophie Parker’ lounge in a residential setting. They were supposed to be cleaning the room. Amelia wears a simple top and the shortest denim shorts it is possible to wear.

Matron ‘Katie Didit’ enters the room and is furious at the lack of cleaning progress. So Amelia will be spanked, first a bend-over handspanking and strap on her shorts. Amelia takes her shorts down to display yet another fascinating set of panties from her collection–little beige lace things. Panties down, the usual stunning full-screen bottom, kneel for the strap and handspanking.

She is apparently incarcerated in a house of correction, although she is rather nattily dressed. We wish she were wearing one of those very disposable prison smocks.

Stern is concerned that she is not happy, she is depressed. She admits to being frightened. “It seems like everyone is allowed to do whatever they want to me.” It transpires that ‘Sophie,’ an aggressive prisoner, has been spanking Amelia.

#21 (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Katie Didit and Jess, who has been sentenced to two weeks in the house of correction for shoplifting. The setting is the familiar kitchen. Looks like a kind of CP foster care, where the courts send girls to private contractors. Jess is sent up to her room to put away her things, then she returns. There will be an initiation. “Take your clothes off.” “What?” Bad attitude. She is going to get a spanking.X Brunette Jess removes her dress, bra, shoes, and tights. Her jet black hair flows almost to her buttocks. Didit inspects her naked body. Very nice. Didit has a small portable spanking trestle handy there in the kitchen. Handspanking begins. Long and conventional. Jess gets very red. That long hair is nicely managed to avoid interference with the view. She should stay out of the kitchen.

Stern has Amelia summon Sophie, who is also wearing rather odd prison garb, a short party dress with open webbing down the front. Sophie denies spanking Amelia, and the girls fight.

As Amelia watches, a spectator only in this film (resting her bottom),  Stern will cane Sophie. She drops tiny orange panties  and bends over the couch for a conventional caning and handspanking. The film is ‘continued,’ so we’re guessing Stern will find some way to attach some fault to Amelia.

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