18 Sep

We’d submit that ELITEPAIN/SPANKINGSERVER had the most creative spanking devices, professionally manufactured, and not found in any fetish catalogues we have seen. We collected a few films using the pillory.

It is a chest or waist  high device, with holes for the neck and wrists, and hinged to open to accept the victim . It is just high enough that most girls can lock their knees for straightened legs. Or their feet are positioned for e Pugh back that bending the knees under duress is uncomfortable. The lower pillory satisfies a cinematic need, in that it plumps the bottom and allows good views between the thighs

These films are all between three and four minutes long. Either ‘Peter Schober’  or ‘Helen’ will march the girl to the platform, strip her bottom bare or more, put her in the stocks, then whip, strap, or paddle her. The usual perfect and gorgeous models, and the punishment is not so severe as to change the rest of their day.

‘Adriana’ (4 minutes) A blonde; Peter drags her to the pillory, she takes off her panties herself, she is put in the pillory, Peter flips up her dress. He uses s stiff strap–she twists and surge between strokes. Closeups between her legs, common in all these films. Schober likes this shot.

‘Andy Pets’ (4 minutes) A pretty brunette is brought to the platform. She quickly strips off a flower print dress and a matching thong. Nicely tanned body except for thong lines. In the pillory, Peter whips her with a heavy strap. Closeups, better facials here. Nice red marks on her minimal white skin.

‘Bridget B.’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) Helen brings a blonde to the pillory, helps her off with her white silk robe so that she is naked, fastens her in, and whips her with a strap. Revealing shots, very brief. Bridget is one of those models tall enough that she has to bend knees.

‘Kathy’ ( 3 minutes) Helen helps a brunette remove her bustier and thong so that she is naked. Into the pillory, Helen uses a long thin strap. Nice puss. Red bottom.

‘Kelly’ (3 minutes) P4F regular Kelly strips off her peasant blouse and skirt and Peter fastens her in. The scene is a straw-strewn ‘barn’ set. Peter also wears the agrarian garb. He whips her then releases her.

‘Kitty’ (F/f; 3 minutes) A tall blonde must strip off her evening dress and is fastened in place by Helen. Strandard strapping.

‘Lucie’ (3 minutes) Helen drags a pigtailed blonde to the pillory. The girl takes down her pink panties herself, and Helen fastens her and uses a long thin strap. Loud. Sweet facials.

‘Lucky’ (3 minutes) A pretty blonde strips off her top and thong and Peters fastens her naked into the pillory. He uses a strap. She’s got a full body tan except for thong lines, where Peter leaves red traces.

‘Nikoletta’ (3 minutes) The blonde wears the peasant dress costume. Peter fastens her into the pillory and flips up her dress. She has dropped her panties before Peter took hold of her. Routine strapping, red bottom.

‘Shannon’ (4 minutes) Peter and Helen escort a redhead to the pillory, where she drops her shift. Stunning body. Peter straps her. An unusual vertical tramp stamp tattoo. P4F made a number of films with Shannon.

‘Tiffany’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) Helen drags a pretty blonde to the stocks. The girl strips naked very quickly, is fastened, and Helen straps her. squeals.

‘Valentine Rush’ (3 minutes) Peter fastens an exotic frosted brunette into the pillory. He pulls down her shorts then straps her. When she is released and redresses, nice frontals.

‘auburn girl'(4 minutes) A big aurburn-haired girl strips off her shift and is fastened into the pillory by Peter.  Tattoos. He uses a cane and makes some stripes.

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