Chelsea Spanks Sinn Sage/Veronica Daniels – CHELSEAPFEIFFERENTERTAINMENT

22 Sep

F/f; F/f  time: 60 minutes

In the first half of the film, Chelsea Pfeiffer has arranged a spanking session with ‘Veronica Daniels/Elizabeth Burns.’ We read somewhere that this was cobbled together at a Las Vegas Spanking Party. The action occurs on a couch in front of a cloth backdrop, Probably the corner of a conference room.

Chelsea explains in notes that she was honored to be able to spank one of the leading Tops in the CP industry, and in fact one of her rivals. In brief conversation before the spanking starts, Veronica explains that she has been spanked only by “Professor Daniels” (at REALSPANKINGS , and many times. Please search our blog for many happy reviews.) and once by another woman.

Chelsea performs a standard OTK spanking, first on her jeans, then on black lace panties, and then on the bare. The girls laugh and manage to keep up the chatter. When her panties come down, “That’s the best warmup I’ve ever had.” It might be one of the longest.

Veronica likes the feel of Chelsea’s fondling.  The hairbrush next, a round wood paddle, a stiff strap, and a bigger wood paddle. Typical Veronica tears.

‘Sinn Sage’ is spanked in the second 30 minutes, on Chelsea’s familiar couch. She is eventually naked and displays the long frame and accentuated bottom which must have helped her agent suggest CP films for her.

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