Discipline in Russia #29 Cruel Father – NETTLES

22 Sep

M/2F; Time: 1 hr, 4 minutes

Sisters  ‘Lena’  and ‘Tanya’ descend to some serious Lesbian games. They fondle and soon get each other naked. The set is the large white-walled ballroom-like space. Their father enters and breaks up the fun.

He  gives both girls brief spankings on the edge of the bed. The girls put their clothes back on and are directed to report to him  that night, one hour apart.

Lena arrives first, and she strips naked, leather cuffs are placed. Her father ties her down across the bed Russian-style and begins whipping her with a doubled jump rope.  She rolls and spins on the bed in agony. She is getting 40 strokes. At one point, in a film cut, her position is reversed on the bed, because one buttock is taking too much of the punishment. Loop-shaped bruises and welts, tears, sexy struggling.

This whipping takes up much of the film. Lena must kiss the whip after the 40 strokes. She untied and must kneel erect at the wall for a while.

Tanya reports at her hour, strips naked, and is tied down in the same way. The father uses a doubled strap this time. This whipping is truncated and not as severe. The credits indicated this was a ‘part one,’ but it seemed complete.


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