22 Sep

MF/f; time: 37 minutes

Catalogue #004, filmed in the household used for these first five or six films. And a dark and nasty film. (A reader more careful than we points out this was released elsewhere as ‘Czech Brutal #1. Appreciate the diligence.)

A mother is scolding her little blond daughter, for drinking? Or does the title refer to the mother’s chugging from a flask, to cover her guilt for what is going to happen to her daughter?

The mother will spank her and pulls her panties down facing the camera, intended as quite a show at the time. Typical hard handspanking for this tiny girl.

A man arrives at the door and enters the sitting room, where the blonde cowers, panties back on. She must know what the guy is here for–there is some arrangement.  He is not family, and moves as if he were a guest.

He takes over the spanking of the girl. Her panties come down again. The mother finds and brings a kitchen spoon. The girl  gets a wicked spanking with it, most of the round bruises show up on one buttock.

FADE. (there are a number of them in the film, an easy way for early RIGIDEAST  to effect scene changes.) The little girl is sent upstairs and returns with a cane. No spanking film is complete without some bare-bottom stair climbing.

The guy will cane her, she takes off her top and is now naked. Her mother holds her in place when she kneels on the couch. Big cane and paddle marks soon on both buttocks and thighs, and we are only at the halfway point.

The girl is sent to her room, another stair climb, this time naked. Another FADE, the guy follows her to her room. In the sitting room, the mother swigs from a flask. She knows what is going to happen upstairs and will be hearing it soon.

The guy will cane the girl as she kneels on her little bed. The garret overhang prevents full cane swings, so the girl shifts direction. These adjustments don’t happen much in later films. He teases her in naughty places with the cane tip.

The blond lies on her back on the bed and assumes the diaper position. She is so small and light that in fact he can hold her legs and ankles with one hand while he snaps at her buttocks and thighs with the cane. She struggles, but it doesn’t matter. A long and nasty experience.

He fondles; she moves to bend over the foot of the bed. He unfastens his pants and we FADE out. You would have thought she knew this was coming and might have volunteered sooner. Downstairs, mother hears her cries, expecting this, and shrugs them off.

2 Responses to “Soused – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST”

  1. Max September 12, 2022 at 8:57 am #

    This was originally the beginning of the first reformatory film.

    • spankingfilmreview September 13, 2022 at 12:05 am #

      Thanks for reading, Max. Will check it out and make notations.

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