Russian Slaves #86 – Prostitutes in the Private School -NETTLES

26 Sep

M/2f; time: 54 minutes

Good old ‘Nadia Dozorova’ plays a headmistress who has discovered that two of her girls are acting as prostitutes on the side. We see the two girls discussing their clients–penis size, kinkiness, the headmistress has overheard. She is required by local law to report this to the police or lose her school license.

The girls, Oksana and Irina, just wanted pocket money, they say, even though their parents are wealthy. Nadia reports the girls to the police and they come, the actors ‘Nikita’ and ‘Gerry,’ the NETTLES shock troops. Not good news for these two girls.

The girls’ wrists are manacled and they are taken away. At the station, the normal interrogation, followed by the order you wait for–they must undress.  Irina needs help with her bra. Her fingers won’t work. Nervous? When the girls are naked, Gerry slaps faces and the guys decide they want some Lesbian entertainment. They want to see what these girls will do for their ‘foreign’ clients. And they also want some of the money these schoolgirls must have stashed.

Gerry takes Irina away, and Nikita will start on Oksana. He slaps her breasts and pussy, then gives her a long standing spanking while she keeps her hands on her head. Long facials, nice job of fighting tears. He is spanking hard, because Oksana jolts and jiggles, her sad face a big part of the show. Nikita loves bottoms.

Presumably we see more of Oksana and Irina in the buff in episode #87.

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