27 Sep

(F/f; time: 1 hr+) Amelia Jane Rutherford is being admitted to a reform school, where she has been sentenced to 6 months for distributing drugs. She is about to get the modified ‘welcome’ we associate with these moments. ‘Miss Lina,’ in matron’s uniform, carrying a change of clothing and spanking implements, hands her medical forms to complete. She is sullen and arrogant about all this, not too smart.

The procedure begins. Matron takes her OTK. Amelia’s bottom soars as always, on the lap of an actress shorter than she. Dress up, Amelia resists. Beige lace panties down, zoom on the glorious target.

Miss Lina arranges two chairs in the Winchester school position, Amelia kneels over them, dress up and panties down again–handspanking, short strap, studded paddle.

Clothes off completely, lovely stuff. Part of the humiliation, Amelia must drop all her clothes into a trash bag. Naked on the chairs again for the strap. Love the idea of seeing a girl’s clothes sent away.

Amelia dresses slowly, full frontal, putting on a schoolgirl’s jumper and blouse, complete with knee socks.

Part 2: Apparently the next day, another session. Amelia waits in the corner in her pinafore. Miss Lina consults her clipboard for what’s on for today. Rather simple—Amelia is lucky. OTK, hem up, glorious white panties. After the warmup, Lina pulls the panties down, carefully.

Amelia bends over, bare bottom. Lina will select some paddles and and a tawse from the rack. Nice frontals as Amelia moves about.

Part 3: Amelia continues in a ‘reform school,’  although it is a residential or office setting used so often by this producer. We miss those institutional green walls, concrete floors,  and slamming metal doors. MOONGLOW and LIPUS. Amelia waits, cornered, hands on head, for the matron,  Miss Lina.

“Look who’s here again.” Amelia is making excuses for whatever she did. “I just lost my temper for a moment.” “You’ve figured out by now what’s going to happen.” Amelia is reminded that her sentence could easily be extended, notwithstanding her pants coming down.

“Get yourself undressed.” Amelia pauses when she is down to just panties, she is very good at this. Naked in front of an implement rack on the wall, nice frontals. Her bottom is slightly red. Ms. Rutherford has always been good at spacing out her spanking films.

Frisk position, handspanking, then a series of implements, including the cane. 12 with a stiffened strap, 12 with the cane, counted “thank you, ma’am” style. Excellent angles catch her face and the spanking. Delicious red bottom full screen often. And naughty frontals when she dresses, in the school outfit she was given, a very. Stylish pleated pinafore.

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