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Vaulting Horse – AAASPANKING

22 Sep

M/f; time: 8 minutes

‘John Osborne’ and a little brunette use a leather gymnastic vaulting horse for one of the purposes you would fantasize about. The girl is in white athletic bra and panties. She will assume various skillful poses while Osborne spanks her.

He uses a strap. The girl has gymnastic training. She gets into the diaper position, extremely exposed and vulnerable up on this horse. She climbs down to remove her panties and then reassumes the posture, displaying as much vaginal jewelry as we have seen in one place. He straps her pussy.

And last, she lies flat on her stomach, elevating her upper trunk, while he canes her.


22 Sep

MF/f; time: 37 minutes

Catalogue #004, filmed in the household used for these first five or six films. And a dark and nasty film.

A mother is scolding her little blond daughter, for drinking? Or does the title refer to the mother’s chugging from a flask, to cover her guilt for what is going to happen to her daughter?

The mother will spank her and pulls her panties down facing the camera, intended as quite a show at the time. Typical hard handspanking for this tiny girl.

A man arrives at the door and enters the sitting room, where the blonde cowers, panties back on. She must know what the guy is here for–there is some arrangement.  He is not family, and moves as if he were a guest.

He takes over the spanking of the girl. Her panties come down again. The mother finds and brings a kitchen spoon. The girl  gets a wicked spanking with it, most of the round bruises show up on one buttock.

FADE. (there are a number of them in the film, an easy way for early RIGIDEAST to effect scene changes.) The little girl is sent upstairs and returns with a cane. No spanking film is complete without some bare-bottom stair climbing.

The guy will cane her, she takes off her top and is now naked. Her mother holds her in place when she kneels on the couch. Big cane and paddle marks soon on both buttocks and thighs, and we are only at the halfway point.

The girl is sent to her room, another stair climb, this time naked. Another FADE, the guy follows her to her room. In the sitting room, the mother swigs from a flask. She knows what is going to happen upstairs and will be hearing it soon.

The guy will cane the girl as she kneels on her little bed. The garret overhang prevents full cane swings, so the girl shifts direction. These adjustments don’t happen much in later films. He teases her in naughty places with the cane tip.

The blond lies on her back on the bed and assumes the diaper position. She is so small and light that in fact he can hold her legs and ankles with one hand while he snaps at her buttocks and thighs with the cane. She struggles, but it doesn’t matter. A long and nasty experience.

He fondles; she moves to bend over the foot of the bed. He unfastens his pants and we FADE out. You would have thought she knew this was coming and might have volunteered sooner.



22 Sep

F/f; time: 12 minutes

‘Christy Cutie’  is spanked briefly in Chelsea Pfeiffer’s ‘ranch’ setting. OTK hairbrush spanking underway. Split screen for facials. Strap, and low shots.

Chelsea Spanks Sinn Sage/Veronica Daniels – CHELSEAPFEIFFERENTERTAINMENT

22 Sep

F/f; F/f  time: 60 minutes

In the first half of the film, Chelsea Pfeiffer has arranged a spanking session with ‘Veronica Daniels/Elizabeth Burns.’ We read somewhere that this was cobbled together at a Las Vegas Spanking Party. The action occurs on a couch in front of a cloth backdrop, Probably the corner of a conference room.

Chelsea explains in notes that she was honored to be able to spank one of the leading Tops in the CP industry, and in fact one of her rivals. In brief conversation before the spanking starts, Veronica explains that she has been spanked only by “Professor Daniels” (at REALSPANKINGS , and many times. Please search our blog for many happy reviews.) and once by another woman.

Chelsea performs a standard OTK spanking, first on her jeans, then on black lace panties, and then on the bare. The girls laugh and manage to keep up the chatter. When her panties come down, “That’s the best warmup I’ve ever had.” It might be one of the longest.

Veronica likes the feel of Chelsea’s fondling.  The hairbrush next, a round wood paddle, a stiff strap, and a bigger wood paddle. Typical Veronica tears.

‘Sinn Sage’ is spanked in the second 30 minutes, on Chelsea’s familiar couch. She is eventually naked and displays the long frame and accentuated bottom which must have helped her agent suggest CP films for her.

Discipline in Russia #29 Cruel Father – NETTLES

22 Sep

M/2F; Time: 1 hr, 4 minutes

Sisters  ‘Lena’  and ‘Tanya’ descend to some serious Lesbian games. They fondle and soon get each other naked. The set is the large white-walled ballroom-like space. Their father enters and breaks up the fun.

He  gives both girls brief spankings on the edge of the bed. The girls put their clothes back on and are directed to report to him  that night, one hour apart.

Lena arrives first, and she strips naked, leather cuffs are placed. Her father ties her down across the bed Russian-style and begins whipping her with a doubled jump rope.  She rolls and spins on the bed in agony. She is getting 40 strokes. At one point, in a film cut, her position is reversed on the bed, because one buttock is taking too much of the punishment. Loop-shaped bruises and welts, tears, sexy struggling.

This whipping takes up much of the film. Lena must kiss the whip after the 40 strokes. She untied and must kneel erect at the wall for a while.

Tanya reports at her hour, strips naked, and is tied down in the same way. The father uses a doubled strap this time. This whipping is truncated and not as severe. The credits indicated this was a ‘part one,’ but it seemed complete.


Hot English Punishment – BIZARRE

20 Sep

M/f; time: 22 minutes

A playful ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis.’ She is cavorting in her kitchen in her bikini, and when she is unwilling to cook her husband breakfast, he is going to spank her. It must be a common practice in this house, because she hardly objects.

OTK she goes, bikini pants down. “It’s not fair.” Bend over a table, spanked with a kitchen spoon. The guy wants Sarah to lie flat on the table so that he can use a hairbrush. Ms. Lewis does not have the classic CP-film bottom, but she has made numerous clever and naughty films, a huge contribution.

Onto her back, Sarah must spread-eagle on the table, very revealing for her. Up, bra off, back on the table on her back, legs up and spread. Strapped on her pussy and thighs.The diaper pose–the first time we recall seeing all the vaginal jewelry Ms. Lewis wears.

She will now work naked in the kitchen, where she gets the strap and cane, and displays the combined bruises from all the foregoing implements, particularly the white cane lines on the red/purple bruises.

Start at the Bottom – CALSTAR

20 Sep

M/f; time: 52 minutes

‘Anthony Lawton’  confronts a blond employee. She has goofed up somehow, and while she searches for some papers he needs, he admires her bottom.

After a FADE, she is being spanked OTK and apparently enjoying it. A  strange spanking scene in the office, skirt up, ample loose purple satin panties. He keeps working her clothes off= blouse off, no bra, huge circus boobs, why she was hired.

More or less naked, he creams her bottom, then continues the spanking. Pass on this one.


Ariel Anderssen at CHIMERABONDAGE and more

20 Sep

Ariel Anderssen in various venues, going beyond her huge spanking library and exploring BDSM, quite naughty and graphic in  some instances.

These are probably  RESTRAINEDELEGANCE performances, distributed by and others. Certainly a departure from Ms. Phillips’ other work and a tribute to her theatrical courage.

‘Ariel in office’  (F/f: time: 21 minutes) BORNTOBEBOIND.COM.  Ariel sits at a laptop in an office when a woman bursts in, brandishing a pistol. She demands the office network codes. “Strip down, all the way. I want to get a good look at you.” Skirt, shoes, blouse, pantyhose, black bra and panties. 

The woman stuffs Amelia’s in her mouth. They are so small they disappear. On order, Amelia wraps a soft grey tape around her head and  mouth. The woman binds her wrists and ankles. Amelia struggles BDSM style. The woman watches her struggle, then applies the pass codes. Amelia lovely here, nice fuzz, long hair loose. The woman whips her mildly with her skirt and pantyhose. 

Amelia is fastened into the hogtie position. An ace bandage around her eyes so that now only her nose protrudes. 

’Ariel tied and hooded’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Ariel sits stark naked on a bed. She looks young here, with shorter hair,  not so blond. A stunner. Don’t know where to fit this film into her chronology. 

An off-screen male voice advises her, since she can’t come up with some money, she will be tied securely and left behind. 

Ariel is directed to place both her legs in one leg of  pantyhose set. A woman  comes on-screen and captures her arms behind her back with pantyhose also. Then she ties Ariel’s arms behind her back, upper arms and wrists, in some complicated rigging, all real time. Then her legs, ankles and thighs. Ariel keeps up the banter, entertaining, and we’re glad a gag is delayed. 

The gag does come, a ball of nylon stocking all the way into her mouth. Then a nylon stocking over her head and another cloth ball gag tied around her head, some of the hottest bondage we have seen Ms. Hamilton take.

We close with about 5 minutes of naked writhing on the bed, the classic BDSM bondage struggle. Lovely closeups of all of Ariel. 

‘babysitter in bondage’ (f; time: 15 minutes) Ariel does a POV film under the banner of ‘Restricting Ropes Productions.’ She plays a babysitter playing Gomes with the children she sits for. They will tie her up and she will writhe in various positions for most of the 15 minutes. 

We’d like to imagine that little boys are playing games with her. Her wrists are taped behind her back and her legs are taped together. After a few moments, she is gagged. Ariel wears a blouse and a very short and tight yellow skirt. Soon her bindings are turned into a hogtie. She struggles on the shag rug BDSM style for the whole film. 

‘Bondage Caning’ (f; 5 minutes)  Amelia Jane Rutherford/Ariel Anderssen is strung up by handcuffs to ceiling pipes. She is being caned on her bare bottom by a caning machine. An effective crude work-room like setting. In this short film the cane does not leave any noticeable marks.

‘bondage mat’ (f; time: 6 minutes) A nod to some traditional and early BDSM, bondage struggling on a carpet. Ariel is bound and gagged hogtied Japanese style and she will writhe for 6 minutes on a mat on the floor, no dialogue. The difference here is that she is stark naked and will show everything; in fact, she makes a bit of an effort to do so.

In earlier days of BDSM porn, a girl would struggle on a carpet in an empty room in similar fashion, but she would have panties on.

Chimera bondage‘ (f; time: 7 minutes) An odd and attractive little film, Ariel is stark naked, in a concrete block dungeon like space. She will do some self-bondage. First, she oils herself, your money back on the film right here. She fastens cuffs her  ankles then settles in place straddling a pointed wedge on a saw horse. She then attaches ropes to her cuffs, which are fastened to weights by pulleys. She frees the weights so that the ropes tighten and effectively pull her ankles off the ground, so that her weight is shifted to her crotch on the pointed wedge. The mechanics are not perfect, but we enjoyed her theatrical struggle. And some revealing shots of this sophisticated actress.

gagged with her own panties’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Some moderately vigorous bondage made by Ms. Anderssen with yet another stodio, HUNTERSLAIR, a large BDSM producer, about which we know nothing. 

Ariel is tightly bound and pulled up into a strappado position. The bondage riggers here know what they are doing. Ariel wears a blue blouse and a tight black latex skirt. The setting is a work room, fitted out with a chain hoist. Her male master wears a Halloween skull mask.

The master reaches under her skirt and slip, finds little panties, takes them off, and stuffs them in her mouth. Ariel is wonderful at expressing the mock horror and fear attendant with such proceedings. Next comes gauze wrapped around her head to secure the gag, and then black electrical tape over the gauze.

A long rigging of her famous legs with rope. The master occasionally tightens the hoist to increase the strappado discomfort. He opens her blouse  to expose her breasts, and then, in prototype BDSM style, he walks out and leaves her, to her horror.

‘Self Flagellation’ (F; time: 3 minutes) CHIMERABONDAGE. The film opens with Ariel standing naked facing us. Riveting start. She will spank herself and fasten clothes pins here and there. 

Various bondage shots patched together. Ariel tied down a table being flogged by someone. Scenes of Ariel positioning herself for a strap on the spanking machine, on her bottom and breasts. Fastened in the dancer’s split position,  net pantyhose, gagged arms tied behind her, nipple clamps. And finally, some bondage torment while wearing a latex body suit. 

Spanking machine‘ (f; time:21 minutes) A weird one. Again, Ms. Anderssen self-flagellates. She narrates and will demonstrate a spanking machine. She explains the controls of the typical machine we are familiar with, which has a big Spencer paddle attached this time. She wears a silly and cumbersome bdsm outfit of sorts. First,  she attaches a rattling ankle spreader-bar herself, then manages to put on wrist cuffs and get her arms behind her back, cuffs hooked to a rope to the ceiling. With a remote, she hauls the rope up, forcing herself into the strappado position. She then positions herself for the paddle and activates the machine. She must wiggle her bottom around to maximize the paddle strike. Cute, but a bit implausible if in fact the paddle is hitting hard.

We’re not critical of this brief, imaginative, and entertaining exercise, but it would have been erotic if a masked man stepped into the scene just to fasten the apparatus and position her bottom. There surely were volunteers in the wings.

spanking machine-more‘ (Chimera; f; time: 17 minutes) Ariel, stark naked and as glorious as ever. She will try various things with the aforementioned machine, this time with a riding crop affixed. She narrates. She adjusts the machine and takes sets of ten on her boobs. There are three cameras at least. We will see some of the scenes repeated from three vantage points. Very well done.

Ms. Anderseen is using a wired remote control to position the device. Next, she is whipped on her back, then her stomach, which includes long frontals, rare for her. “Now that really hurt. Who knew?”

And of course we have been waiting and hoping. “I’ll move it down. I know my bottom can take it.” Lovely snaps, vintage stuff, she positions her buttocks in various ways–kneeling on a chair, bending over. The best.

More slashes on  her boobs, and then a first for us with her–she takes the machine on her pussy and seems to like it. This has been one of those films where every freckle of her being could be charted. Again we say, how many models could market such scrutiny?

Tortured and pumped‘ (f; time: 26 minutes) “Ariel Anderssen’ made a number of BDSM films under various auspices.  This one is sufficiently graphic and pioneering for her that we do not need to investigate too many more in  this genre of her work.  ‘Ariel sits in a simple suit, narrating for the camera to an off-screen ‘master.’ At her feet is a pile of BDSM paraphernalia. She is going to self-administer some torture and torment, an odd format, but she is an eyeful. First, she strips naked, pausing at bra and panties, frequently the best part of any film she makes, going all the way back to GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL over 30 years ago.

Naked, Ariel stands on a board in just heels and ties her ankles to rings. Her bend-over is of ballet quality. Next, wrist cuffs. Then Ms. Anderssen moves into territory, with regard to her, we have not seen before. She attaches clamps to her labia, which are pulled taut by spring-assisted cables, for action soon to be seen. A heavy dog collar next. And breast suction cups. She fastens her cuffed wrists to hooks at the ceiling, so that she is now effectively strung up and immobile.

Someone turns on the machinery, or maybe Ariel did. The breast pumps seem to be functioning, and those labia clamp cables are attached to a little motor which tugs and relaxes them rhythmically. Who invents this stuff? Ariel seems red in the face. I guess you could sit in front of her and have quite a time watching her struggle.

Unwilling Recipient – SPANKINGSARAH

20 Sep

F/f; time: 18 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sarah Stern.’ Amelia works as a masseuse for Sarah, and is very angry that a male customer tried to fondle her. Sarah explains that this massage parlor is actually a brothel, and that Amelia agreed to the required behavior in her contract, in return for some up-front money. Amelia is more or less indentured.

So Sarah starts to touch Amelia the way the customers want to do. She unbuttons Amelia’s blouse. and convinces her to drop her skirt. She is down to little white bikini panties. Sarah pulls the panties down, hands-on-head, long frontal.

After some twirling and admiration of the naked Amelia, Sarah begins a standing handspanking. A leather sole, paddles, and straps, to educate Ms. Rutherford.


18 Sep

F/f; year: 2013; time 10 minutes

Somewhat mild stuff from NORTHERNSPANKING. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ sits on her bed, in full nurse’s uniform, including a stethoscope around her neck, reading a book. She is either late for her shift or not leaving for it early enough.

‘Caroline Grey,’ also in uniform, enter and challenges her. She must be the senior, because after just a short argument Amelia is OTK on her own bed. Skirt up, white panties and white garter belt/stockings. Fashionable as always. After some handspanking, the slipper follows, hard and taking up most of the film. Panties down, lots of the best scenery in the CP film world.

Admittedly we are jaded. But we’ve always thought, when nurses are mad at each other, why don’t they throw in an enema? They would know how to do it and make it just a bit punitive. Ed Lee at NUWEST has some erotic nurse enemas, rubber gloves, etc.