Discipline in Russia #45 – Provincial Russian School #1 – NETTLES

3 Oct

M/f; time: 39 minutes

NETTLES’ principal stockholder ‘Nikita’ plays a schoolteacher, sucking up to his headmistress, in the person of ‘Nadezda Dozorova.’ He waits impatiently for student ‘Masha,’ who is late for her appointment. A pretty auburn haired pigtailed girl shows; she wears a maid’s outfit, odd for a student, but at least it is not the plaid kilt cliché.

Nikita notices the girl has gotten an unauthorized manicure. Scolding, palm slapping, Nadezda arrives and is equally affronted. Nikita orders Masha to take off her panties, they are actually bloomers. Masha falls on her knees–she doesn’t want to be spanked.

Bloomers gone, she pulls up her dress, she is shaved, and Nikita will get almost a face full of puss as he spanks her in a standing position. He spots some navel jewelry, which just inflames him more.

Time for Masha to strip naked–she is one of the very best models you will see in this series. Spectacular. She bends over the desk naked for more spanking. Nikita is very proud of the red bottom he has achieved so far. Very hard handspanking, done in corny strikes.

CUT. Masha is kneeling on two chairs in the British Winchester position, but here she has leaned forward onto her elbows, so that her bottom is highest and her thighs spread. CALSTAR never exploited this naughtiness. Nadezda returns on this salacious scene and is impressed. Puss closeups.

Nikita convinces her that Masha should be spanked every day and that the school policy should be changed to add this most persuasive and productive form of instruction. Nadezda will seek the approval of her Directors and the official licensing.

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