Just Deserts – KANE

6 Oct

M/4f; time; 42 minutes

An early, and corny film from George Harrison-Marks, so much so that his clownish plaid pants with suspenders receive a screen credit. It is one of his melee spanking films, where it becomes difficult to decipher why this person or that gets spanked. Lots of nudie stuff, GHM’s fetish. He was called the ‘Russ Meyer’ of his genre.

Marks has caught 2 nubile blondes, models working for him, stealing, and he gets their clothes off and spanks them. A tall and very sexy woman, his colleague, is blamed for not watching them, and at KANE, employees can expect spankings. She is ordered to strip in front of the girls–terrific, and a nice period pubic bush. Three naked girls on the screen.

Tall naked  ‘Lee’ gets the implements herself, she knows. She gets the leather paddle, a tawse, and 12 from a cane.

The two blond models are now upstairs, flipping through KANE magazines, in just panties, playing with each other. Two new people arrive, we’ve lost the thread of who is whom. They interrupt the blondes with Marks. One of the guests is another brassy blonde–you know her panties will go. She gets spanked for calling Marks a “kinky old beast.”

Marks spanks a hefty female matron-type, his “sister,” in another example of Marks’ odd derivations on the CP film format. We can’t think of any other producer who took these detours. The blond guest, who is rightfully laughing at all this action, is ordered to “strip, every stitch.” One last nudie spanking.

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