Agency – NETTLES

12 Oct

M/2f; time: 45 minutes

This film is most likely part of either the ‘Russian Slaves’ or ‘Discipline in Russia’  series. The actors and the sets are the same. And, we might add, the subtitle writers are the same. ‘Nadia Dozorova’ calls on an agency which supplies domestic help. The female head of the agency describes the professionalism of her girls and that she uses corporal punishment to discipline them. This seems to excite Nadia.

A contract is signed, 50% of the fee is paid in U.S. dollars, and ‘Lena’ is summoned. She is an attractive short-haired, light brunette. Nadia leads her away by the hand.

Almost universally, maids have a bad time in these series, and in CP films in general. At home, immediately, Nadia wants her clothes off, is she clean? Soon nude, she looks clean to us, sexy, and shaved.

FADE. Lena is at work, in T-shirt and panties. Nadia finds a way to be dissatisfied with her work; she calls the agency. They will come to the house and give Lena an attitude adjustment on the spot, just what Nadia wants to see. The aforementioned female agency head (a ringer for American TV actress Amy Carlson) and Gerry Geroshvilli (trouble!) arrive. He’s a partner in the firm. Lena immediately begins to beg.

In the house there seems to be a suitcase of spanking implements and dildos. Standard household issue? Nadia puts a dog collar on Lena and tests the dildo batteries, to the amusement of all. Lena is tied down on her back, legs spread, and Gerry goes to work with the first dildo. Punishment? An electric wand, a rabbit dildo.

CUT. Lena is now tied kneeling on all fours on a couch for a whipping from Gerry. The agency head and Nadia get comfortable to watch the beast in action. Lena fights tears, and the NETTLES cosmeticians help the scene.

Gerry now turns on his female partner, who has apparently not being doing well by him. Despite the plethora of bottoms he must have access to, right here, in Nadia’s house, he is going to whip his partner. He gets down to bare skin and gives the joilly NETTLES whipping.

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