Spanking 101 -Amelia Jane Rutherford

12 Oct

Paul ‘Tubaman’ Rogers opened a spanking site in 2017 and seems to have attracted many of the well-known British spanking models to work with him, mostly in very short episodes. The site is another delightful manifestation of the British/Glasgow spanking scene. We concentrate here on appearances by Amelia Jane Rutherford.

Ms. Rutherford’s spankings here are mostly mild and playful, another celebration of, for us, our all-time Best in Show bottom. There is a close race among a number of girls for second place. Judging from hairstyles, two places to check, Amelia’s appearances were several.

Amelia’s American Punishment‘ (M/f’; time: 6 minutes) American Tubaman listens while Amelia goes on and on in anger about something. He keeps asking her, “You done? You done?” She apparently is a student rude to teachers and he is in a position to do something about it.

He grabs her OTK and begins spanking on her jeans. Her loud squawks we are familiar with. “I’m going to blog about this!” she screams. Tubaman doesn’t seem to know exactly what that means. When he bends her over the desk to continue the paddling, she actually splits it. [sirens]

Amelia’s Nude Spankings’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes)  Some playful behavior here. Amelia cavorts nude around an office while Paul ‘Tubaman’ Rogers tries to work on his laptop. She has a lot of pubic hair here and some old bruises. “You’re driving me crazy. Put some clothes on.” We could probably track her work schedule from these characteristics. When Tubaman  demands she put some clothes on, she teases with just a knit cap , earning the spanking she must want.

OTK  for a routine spanking. A lapful as always. To the corner. She is protesting wearing clothes because she demands to wear pants in her school teacher’s job. Is Tubaman a headmaster, and Amelia a buck naked teacher? She must bend over for a Spencer paddle.

The naked spanking continues on the couch. Slipper here. The lighting for this shot is poor enough to fail to highlight Amelia in all her pinkness. She must count out 20. At the conclusion she sits on her haunches to inspect her cheeks.

A new scene- Amelia sleeps naked. Wonderful pose. When Tubaman tries to wake her: “Fuck off!”This earns her the strap.  Back to the wall for a rub. Amelia is naked the entire film.

‘Amelia’s Short Dress’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia wears a very short white dress. She has curled her hair here. “Ooh,” she utters when she sees Tubaman seating himself for a spanking. “I’m already sorry.” “I bet you are.” Skirt up, flesh-colored panties are barely discernable.

After a standard handspanking: “Off with the dress.” Amelia is so very good at looking shocked when she hears these orders. “What? Are you doing more?” OTK again in just those invisible panties. She feigns embarrassment. He wants the panties off.

OTK again, naked. “Ooh, that’s too much!” Hardly. After this spanking, they hug and she intentiongally flashes her tended landing strip. She’ll be allowed to rub her bottom for 10 seconds in the corner. Very sexy stuff from a young lady who has produced a lot of it.

‘Crop Technique’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake are stark naked on a bedroom set in this short film. Two gorgeous sights, kudos to their training regimen. Pandora moves around with a riding crop. The voice of the director, presumably Tubaman, can be heard.

Statuesque Amelia, filling the screen with pink and white skin, is so stunning as to appear out of scale for the small room. She will assume several poses, all spanking classics, for Pandora to demonstrate the use of the crop. Bend over the bed; standing, hands on head; grabbing the top bar of the four poster frame; kneeling on the bed, head down bottom up. The girls know how popular and sexy that last pose is.

Pandora shows how the shaft of the crop can be used as a cane, which Amelia laughingly wants to discourage. And next, the girls call it “legs in the air,” the ‘diaper position’ for us. Some puss here from Amelia, and they know this one offers thigh exposure and can hurt. And last, lying flat on the bed. Pandora points out that with a pillow, this pose emphasizes the swell of the bottom, no better than for Ms. Rutherford.

’Exchange Student Discipline’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Tubaman a teacher and Amelia a British exchange student. She wears designer jeans and a peasant country halter. She gets a spanking and the paddle, splitting the implement. Jeans stay on here, which have encouraged Rogers to hit harder.

‘Exercised Over Spanking’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Tubaman confronts Amelia, who is wearing black gym tights and a sports bra. Has she been doing her  exercises to cure her back trouble?  Guess not. He slaps her bottom, giving her the usual opportunity for shock and anger. “You assaulted me!”

He will start spanking her, first in the frisk position at the gym wall. She eventually bends to 90 degrees and hangs onto an exercise bar. Needless to say, she fills out those tights like no one else. Tubaman uses a riding crop.

He takes her OTK. “What are you doing now?” Handspanking on her tights. She won’t pull her pants down in  this video. She pokes her hands into her tights to rub her bottom. Does she need some help?

’Hot Button #1’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Rogers and Amelia again. He will spank her on a single shot set, a single bed. Amelia looks younger here, with her blond hair curly. She is wearing a simple nightie. White silk panties. Amelia kicks up her feet. No one can avoid dirty bare feet in a studio.

Amelia peels her nightie overhead and drops her panties. Lovely stuff, little Mohawk.  Rogers now uses a paddle. A little bug, then naked to the wall.

‘Paddling Amelia’ (M/f; time: 1:22) The briefest moment. Amelia wears denim short shorts and bends over for Tubaman, who cracks her just a few times with a substantial paddle. There is no dialogue other than “bend over,” and justified gasps from Ms. Rutherford.

‘Pandora OTK’ (M/f; time: 2 minutes) Tubaman spanks Pandora Blake very hard on her shorts while Ms. Rutherford watches from the corner, having just been spanked herself.

’Rope End Technique’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Tubaman with a completely naked Amelia. Gorgeous here, curly blond hair. Young.  A training film. Tubaman will whip her with a doubled rope while she comments on the sensation. They laugh at breaks. It looks rather hard in spite of their mirth. He whacks her thigh just for fun. All Amelia. Those kicking feet. He soaks the rope, which must hurt more.

‘Sarah Gregory Spanks Amelia’ (F/f; time: 18 minutes) Mature CP actresses here–this will help place the production dates on this ‘101’ series. Ms. Gregory has platinum blond hair. She has waited up all night for ‘my little cousin’ Amelia, who was out partying.

Amelia wears a short little blue velour dress. “You’re going to get spanked.” OTK on the bed, Sarah gets the dress up and the white panties down. This standard spanking is filmed from the facial side and then the rear view, a method we first saw 30 years ago at NUWEST, where the technique served the purpose of avoiding editing expense and extending the length of the video.

Despite the sophistication of these actors and producers, they are still subject to an age old problem–Amelia has dirty bare feet.

‘Spanking in Leggings’ (M/f; time: 23 minutes) A rest film for Ariel. She wears green tights and a red jacket. She is jumping around the room while he tries to work. He will take her OTK and spank her on her leggings. Very spankings and paddlings, on different leggings. Corner time. Straps and paddle. Harmless. No bare skin this time.

‘A Spanking Short.’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes) In what looks like the corner of a hotel room (part of the bed will interfere with the shot in the cramped space and there is no room for different angles), ‘Sarah Gregory’ will take Amelia OTK for a short and rather perfunctory textbook handspanking. Amelia wear denim short shorts.

Amelia slides off Sarah’s lap and skinnies down her shorts with Sarah’s assistance. She adjust her panties, Very basic  stuff, not a hard go for Amelia, surely filmed in just a few minutes, but Amelia is delightful as always. To the corner, pants at her upper thighs.

‘Strap Technique’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Sarah Gregory, mature here again with platinum hair, will use a series of straps on Amelia. They will stop after each session and pose portrait-like in documentary fashion.

The action takes place on a bed, a set used in some of these other films. Sarah does not spank hard with any of the five straps. Amelia gradually loses her clothes as the sessions proceed. Jeans go, then the blouse and black lace panties. She is naked at the halfway point, and positively looms on-screen. One wonderful posture after another, notable kneeling on the bed resting on her elbows, bottom soaring.

She lies flat on the bed for a razor strop, bottom quite red by now. Her gasps sound like sexual arousal as well as pain. And dirty feet again! She faces us naked at the conclusion, along side Ms. Gregory. Cute and fuzzy here.

‘Trophy Wife’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Tubaman and Amelia play husband and wife. She looks half his age here and would be a trophy in any setting. She needs money for some extra and unneeded shopping, so Tubaman seizes the opportunity and will spank her for her to earn the money.

OTK first, handspanking on her teal dress. Tubaman gets the hem up;  the white panties don’t cover much of the reddening bottom. He gets the panties down, to perfunctory protest. Spanking, scolding, lecturing.

He shows her a long-handled round wood paddle, an instrument we have not seen much of. But he does not use it in this video. Amelia offers: “I’ll let you come (shopping)…I didn’t mean it that way.”

For some reason the camera jiggles and many of the shots are disturbed.

‘Two by Two Multiple Play Techniques’ (2M/2f; time: 11 minutes) The four principal stars of this series, ‘Paul Tubaman Rogers,’ ‘Paul Kennedy,’ ‘Sarah Gregory,’ and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’ They make a playful spanking exercise, illustrating two girls being spanked at once. This is meant to be a simple and frivolous instructional. Go to NUWEST if you want to see two female bottoms whaled in earnest  at the same time.

The scene opens with both girls being spanked OTK by the men, sitting in straight chairs facing each other. The prototype squeals when their panties come down. The men laugh. The girls switch laps, keeping their dresses down in front. Panties got up but come down again. Important ritual.

The girls get up, the men slide their chairs closer so that their knees will touch. The girls will now be spanked one at a time, one man on each buttock. Fun. Trophy bottoms.

Fade. The girls bend over a desk and are spanked here, and again the men switch bottoms. There is a lot of laughter here–we couldn’t pick up all of the dialogue. Sarah especially is amused. Amelia rubs her bottom, and in a bit of innocent characteristic vanity from her, “It doesn’t feel like a normal bottom any more. It’s grown.” Bottoms on parade to conclude.

‘Welcome to America’ Pt 1 (M/2f; time: 11  minutes) Amelia has shown up late for a meeting with Tubaman. Pretty much anything is an excuse for spanking here. Amelia wears a plaid kilt and a white blouse, her blond hair straight here. She looks a bit younger.  He positions a chair. “Why are you sitting like that? I don’t want a spanking.”

OTK, kilt up, Tubaman pulls the  white panties down quickly. ‘Pandora Blake’  arrives on this spanking scene. She is also dressed like a schoolgirl and claims she is late because she was a witness to a car accident.

Amelia is put in the corner, bare bottom. Pandora will be spanked. Same OTK process. Both girls squeal. Very nice closeups from the rear. Afterward, both girls sit at distinctly American school desks. In England, they would have had to have bare skin on the hard wood, but not here.

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