1 Nov

F/f; year: 2000; time: 41 minutes

We were surprised and entertained by this film. We’ll take Ms. Payne’s admonition from the closing credits and write a good review, lest she track us down from our IPO address.

Kelly plays a judge, sitting behind a skimpy little desk in a sparsely appointed office. She has the most humorous New York accent, an enhanced ‘Sarah Jessica Parker.’ ‘Juliet Davis,’ a very tall and busty curly blonde, plays a girl caught again for yet another DUI. No punishment has seemed to work, so it’s “a night in jail, a fine, or a good hard spanking over my lap.” The judge decides for herself–obscure regulations allow a spanking.

The OTK begins at 8 minutes, and most of the rest of the film will be steady spanking. Handspanking first on Juliet’s skirt, then the judge rucks it up, there are no panties. Ms. Davis has a marvelous bubble-bottom made for this work, and it will be featured, with her charms, hereinafter. As the spanking progresses, the judge kneads and probes, in keeping with Ms. Payne’s girl-on-girl tradition.

The judge stands and drops her judicial robe. She is not wearing a skirt–you wouldn’t have to if you were sure how your day was going to be. Juliet drops her skirt and the spanking continues, long and hard. We have a renewed interest in Ms. Payne’s technique.

Juliet then kneels on a chair for the tawse, advancing the bruising. After some corner time, where she must spread her legs, put her hands over her head, and stick her bottom out, she bends over the desk, quickly spreading her legs. She sees the cane coming. “Oh, no!” More handspanking first, vertical smacks one cheek at a time, then the cane, hard and real. Ms. Davis gasps throughout.

About 18 strokes of a thin and whippy cane, moderate. Low camera angles, a still camera keeps flashing away. The judge completes her paperwork, Juliet signs an acknowledgement, dresses and leaves. One of the better ‘judicial’ films we’ve seen, primarily because Ms. Payne knows how to spank.

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