Strap For Sophie – CALSTAR

1 Nov

M/f; year: 1997; time: 27 minutes

A CALSTAR which we reviewed 10 years ago for another site. Formulaic stuff, but still very entertaining. Looks like an actual office was garnered for this shoot. From the soundtrack, the set is near a rail line. Secretary Sophie shuffles around the office. Her boss, a CALSTAR veteran with a slightly perverted touch, is unhappy with her work and her attitude. And, he doesn’t like her short skirt, which lets her bottom peek out.

Sophie admits her poor attitude is the result of troubles with her boyfriend, who she argues with all the time and gets spankings as a consequence.  The boss figures a spanking here might work. It certainly appeals to his prurient interests, and it could be argued Sophie is asking for it. “We might enjoy our relationship better.”

He has Sophie bend over the desk so he can inspect her loose-fitting silk panties. He begins smacking, she doesn’t object at all. He bunches her panties and will continue with two different straps and a black leather stiffened paddle, getting in his fondles and squeezes.   No one must be around.

Sophie is made to strip down to just garter belt, once again, OK with her. She wants this job. The boss will cane her with his “brand spanking new cane.”  About 35 strokes are shown, various camera angles permit repeats, and Sophie spreads her stance to facilitate things.  There are welts and bruises. The boss moves around, “to practice my backhand.” He takes a very intimate look at his “handiwork” and is clearly having fun.

He informs Sophie that she will report every Monday morning for “three quarters of an hour of punishment.”  We’d have to say that the government might prefer this to unemployment benefits.

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