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Eat at Home -The New Maid SPANKINGSARAH

8 Nov

2M/f; time: 21 minutes

Sarah Stern does her own heavy lifting in this film. As a newly hired maid, she finds herself recruited for a new ‘game,’ blowjobs for her master and the cook. But she gets double-pay for it.

She made to strip to stockings and garters and lie on her stomach on the dining room table. She will suck off the cook while the master canes her. This scene takes over 11 minutes and would be quite something were it real time. There is a sort of spliced-in money shot for the cook–he is an older guy and has some difficulty, but there were those 11 minutes!

Disciplinarian Nurse – SHADOWLANE

8 Nov

F/f; year: 2007; time: 36 minutes

‘Ms. Divine’ plays ‘Nurse Rogers’  and the actress ‘Rebecca Desage’ is ‘Carrie Ann.’ The setting is described as the ‘Braemar School for Girls.’ Carrie fakes and illness, and here we have a school nurse who knows how to attack these things. She begins spanking Carrie immediately, OTK.

Skirt up, white panties down. After this spanking, Carrie sits on a gurney for some medical checks. Bra off, stethoscope. Onto her stomach, out come the rubber gloves, panties down. A rectal temperature is taken. Normal.

So more spanking–straps, hairbrush,  and paddles on all fours on the gurney.

Paddled and Possessed – SHADOWLANE

8 Nov

M/f; year: 2007; time: 47 minutes

Two porn stars here, ‘Tom Byron’ and ‘Carolyn Reese.’ Pretty blond Carolyn signed an employment contract which permits her employer to spank her if she makes errors. She didn’t read the fine print. She wants to renege, but she also wants to keep her job.

Their little conversations seem to be taking place in a bedroom. Tom takes her OTK in a little blue dress. Skirt up, tight little white panties, which Tom pulls down. Perfect bottom. This girl goes to the gym.

A  very long spanking, during which Tom begins to grope and frig. Carolyn obliges and stands and strips naked. A long session of conventional sex on the bed, including a money shot. Mr. Byron  is impressive here.



8 Nov

F/f; time: 38 minutes

Another heavily-tinged Lesbian storyline, very much in the tradition of NUWEST here, if you like horse barns,   stalls, bars, leather, straw bales (and bare bottoms).

Kelly is furious with ‘Denise,’ who has failed to prepare her horse and clean the barn. Denise is a short-haired brunette, quite masculine in demeanor. Kelly will do what can be done so well in the barn, and give Denise “the ride of her life.”

After a lengthy scolding, Denise must drop her jeans, and she is delightfully unhappy about it. Kelly takes her OTK and does the panties immediately. A long spanking follows.

Naked from the waist down, Denise is fastened spread-eagled between two stalls. Kelly straps her. Denise is fastened loosely enough that she can surge around. Kelly waits for her bottom to come back  into range.

After this whipping, Denise is put to work with no pants on, but first a bend-over some straw bales for a strap and paddle. Advanced bruises.

Private School -Dani Daniels – FIRMHAND

6 Nov

Formulaic stuff from this actress and FIRMHAND, carrying a copyright date of 2016, but surely from the archives. Ms. Daniels has made a number of full-boat adult porn films, if you want to see more of her. As a specimen, she is flawless.

(DA) (M/f; year: 2016; time: 7 minutes) Dani is challenged by Principal ‘Frank  Reed’ for be tardy too often. In this first segment, there are long holds on Ms. Daniels’ face and her ocean blue/grey  eyes, not sky blue. She might be slightly improbable as a schoolgirl, but with one look at her, you can conjure all sorts of ways to punish her.

The Head is quick to offer the choice–detention or a spanking. “A what? I don’t think you are allowed to do that.” We get this problem behind us quickly–this is a PRIVATE school. Dani wears a kilt, blouse, necktie, and knee socks. She is ordered OTK and is sweetly incredulous about doing it.

OTK, the Head quickly flips up her kilt and pulls down her regulation white panties. “What are you doing?” A long and conventional bare bottom spanking. Lots of facials.

(DB) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Dani has been sent to Principal Frank Reed for being disrespectful to a teacher. “It wasn’t my fault, it was my first day…you’re not going to spank me, are you? Two spankings in one day?”

OTK in her coordinated blue kilt and top. Her white panties, at least they are regulation, soon come down. Standard bare bottom handspanking, very entertaining from this actress.

(DC) (M/f; time: 13 minutes) A ‘schoolgirl’ here, Dani wears a monogramed sweater, necktie, kilt, and knee socks. She says in the ‘diary’ narration that this (series) is her first schoolgirl role. If you look at her adult filmography, she has done everything else.

Principal Frank Reed straps her for texting on her phone. She bends over in front of the fireplace mantel. She wears black panties which don’t cover the top of her cheeks, uncomfortable but cute.

The strapping is long, slow, and uneventful. Facials, tears, rubbing, Panties down, Ms. Daniels’ bottom is kept full screen for a lot of time.

(DD) (M/f; time: 15 minutes) The camera follows Dani’s bottom up the stairs to a roof. She is wearing workout gear–a sports bra and tight black shorts, but Ugg boots.

She returns downstairs and waits for Frank Reed in front of the fireplace. He scolds her–among other things, Uggs are not authorized. Dani does not understand why she has been reported, unless of course, every male in the school wants a shot at her.

Reed must take “corrective action.” “Corrective action? Does that mean another spanking? I think my bottom has had enough.” This segment is rich with long holds on her face and big eyes.

Dani hands him a large ping pong paddle, pulls her shorts down, and bends over a chair. Her bottom is clear here. Moderate paddling, lots of face and bottom closeups.

She narrates her ‘video diary’ at the conclusion. “That really stung.” She has a silly and self-conscious acting style, probably before her adult film career.

(DE) (M/f; time: 13 minutes) More longer segments, containing alternate views, slow motion, and some narration, Dani’s “diary.” She wears a cheerleader’s outfit here, a good one, another testament to FH’s attention to detail. She’s been caught “making out” under the grandstand and missing class. Spankable. “You need to be punished.” “Another spanking?”

A chair is positioned in front of the fireplace. “Take your panties down and bend over my knee.” Dani know the moves by now. Cunning stuff, not a hard spanking. Dani narrates what it was like.

(DG) (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Dani has been sent to the principal’s office. “Look at all the weird stuff in here…I’ve been caught vandalizing and using profanity. I wonder what he is going to do about it.” Zoom on her gray/blue eyes.

She is wearing a T-shirt which reads ‘Whoop-Ass,’ which infuriates Principal Reed and will add 4 paddle strokes to her punishment.

“You’re going to be paddled.” Bend-over, hands on a straight chair, Reasonably hard strokes on her jeans, no bare bottom this time. Reed gives her a moment to recover from each swat. When Dani narrates her diary, she explains that some girls yell, she cries to cope with the pain.

(DJ) (M/f; time: 15 minutes) “We both know why you are here.” “I’m not going to get the paddle, am I?” She has been caught cheating. She will get the slipper, and she bends over and does her panties herself. A reasonably hard spanking. Facial, tears, slow motion, and three minutes of narration at the conclusion on the slipper itself, how it bends, and how the smacks can vary from stroke to stroke.

(DK)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) The finale of this series. We have built up to the paddle. Dani has been caught fighting on campus. “3 weeks suspension or 12 swats of the paddle.”

It is a huge fraternity paddle; Dani bends over and takes 12 on her designer jeans. For some reason she doesn’t drop her pants in this finale, our theory being these shoots were all in the same day and that she was pretty banged up by segment ‘K.’

She’s happy to discuss what the huge paddle was like,  but we don’t get confirmation.

Amy Denison Collection – FIRMHAND

6 Nov

An early series from FIRMHAND, copyright dates scattered through the early 2000’s. Short segments, lacking the theatricality and staging which came later. Occasionally faceless characters, minimal shots of the set,  and few of the   different angles on the spankings we will become accustomed to. ‘Amy Denison’ is a tall auburn/brunette, conventionally beautiful and girl-in-the-office, very much not Las Vegas, and of course blessed in the bottom department. Her normality makes her spankings all the more erotic.

(A)(M/f; year: 2003; time: 3 minutes) Amy will narrate through all these episodes. She explains here that she has borrowed her uncle’s car and wrecked it. She knows… “I’m going to have to suffer…my butt.” We follow her jeans bottom up the stairs, where she bends over the footboard of a bed we have seen in other long-form FIRMHAND productions.

She pulls her jeans down. “My bottom is still red from the last time.” This is only possible of course, if she made a film in the last few hours. Her ‘uncle,’  faceless here, uses the embossed leather paddle on her thonged bottom.

(B) (M/f; time: 2  minutes) Amy is sitting at an outdoor pool, holding a paddle, and waiting for her coach. Whatever she has done, he soon arrives and gives her 5 rocking paddle swats on her jeans. The facial view is reprised and called ‘Replay!’ in these early days.

(C)(M/f; time: 2 minutes) The tawse on her track shorts, which she pulls down. the ‘uncle’ shows his faced here, a conventional character we have seen in the early longer FH productions. He must be a stockholder.

(D)(M/f; year: 2003; time: 3 minutes) Amy is confronted by her coach at the pool and will get the “board,” 10  swats, for something. He marches her inside, she bends over a couch and counts out the ’10.’ We have one of those fortunate oblique angles where he face is in the foreground while the strike of the paddle is in the background.

(E)(M/f; time: 3 minutes) Amy narrates that she is being caned; she fidgets under six strokes, repeated several times from different angles. She wears a blue school emblem sweater, kilt, and we will see the white thong. No frontals from this model yet in this series.

(G)(M/f; time: 2 minutes) Here, she will be paddled on her short shorts, 5 on the shorts and 5 on the thong. Bending over a couch arm.

(H) (M/f; year: 2003; time: 5 minutes) Amy is having an argument with her ‘boss’ about her attitude here–the storyline has veered away from the Uncle theme. Amy is wearing a conventional two-piece suit, very sexy to depict a spanking in the office. She bends over a pool table for 12 of a cane. She will say that the angle the pool table creates makes spanking very painful. We’ve seen a number of very erotic pool table scenes, usually British. Elevates the buttocks.

A very impressive caning. Amy stops to argue a few times. Wonderful hig bottom. Her G-string is almost transparent.

(J) (M/f; time: 1:45) Brief, and it had to be. Amy takes 5 ferocious LUPUS-like whacks with what she called the “board,” on her jeans. Paddling repeated from a side angle. Could this have been real? “There is nothing worse than the board.”

(L)(M/f; time: 1 minute) Amy narrates: “I’m going to get 10 from this.” She holds a round leather floppy paddle. 10 very hard swats on her sweatpants.

(M)(M/f; year: 2004; time: 3 minutes) Amy is holding a large strap. She was caught underaged in a bar and she knows what her uncle is going to do. She bends over a table, except for that thong. Her bottom is starting to show the accruing spankings of this series.

(N) (M/f; year: 2004; time: 2 minutes) Amy gets the paddle over the bed. She says that sometimes her uncle makes her wait for hours in this position. White lace panties.

(O) (M/f; time: 4 minutes) A brief spanking form demure Amy by her boss, fordoing poor work. “Hands on the table…take those pants down.” A  brief and moderate handspanking on her sky-blue bikini panties. Appealing facials of this very collegiate model, an unlikely spanking model.

(Q) (M/f; year: 2005; time: 3 minutes) Amy takes 24 swats with the leather embossed paddle, very nicely tailored slacks down then the panties. “Turn around and bent over.” Red lovely results.

(S) (F/f; year: 2005; time: 4 minutes) ‘Miss Carson’ accuses Amy of fooling around with another office employee. Amy is faux-incredulous. “What are you going to do, spank me?” “Yes, right here in the break room.”

There is a pool table in the foreground, one of the greatest pieces of spanking furniture. But Carson takes Amy OTK for a standard handspanking on her lace beige panties, which stay in place for this short episode.

(T) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) In the office scenario, Amy complains to her male boss that Shannon spanked her for fraternization with a male employee. Amy doesn’t get what the problem is . It was a while ago. Indignantly: “Why now? Are you that slow? You make no sense!” One would expect, such language elicits the spanking.

“Let me make sense,” explains her boss. “Take your jacket off.” OTK she goes, skirt up, beige panties bunched, her bottom is already red. A cute spanking, nice facials of Amy protesting. As she runs off, she checks her bottom as she goes.

(U) (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Amy confronts a girl brandishing the leather paddle. It seems the girl got spanked for something Amy said, and now it is payback time.

She bends over the pool table. “Pull down your pants.” The girl bunches her pantiesand paddles her as hard as we have seen, except for that “board.” 20 on the bare.

(V)(F/f; year: 2006; time: 5 minutes) Office supervisor ‘Shannon’ has a little discussion with Amy. It seems her department production is down–she is goofing off. Shannon knows just the thing to get her back on track.

Amy bends over and grabs the banister rails of the staircase for some ‘attitude adjustment.’ Shannon pulls her skirt up. Amy reacts. “Surprised?” A big tawse is used for the spanking, and things go quiet. 16 strokes shown. Some old fading bruises.

(X) (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Simple exercise; Amy’s cheerleading coach is going to paddle her for poor practice attendance, even though she is the captain. Into the frisk position at the wall. Amy takes 6 strokes on her panties, which strokes might be rattling her teeth. The strokes are repeated from a face-CAM, which must have been on the floor between her legs.

(Z)(F/f; year: 2007; time: 7 minutes) Amy bounces about in a cheerleader outfit. Her female supervisor is going to paddle her. “Step up to the wall.” She gets into the ‘frisk’ position. “Hike up those panties, you’re getting this on the bare.” “What?”  She gets the big board, 10 swats. Reaction CAM.

(Finale) (M/f; year: 2008; time: 5 minutes) Don’t know why this copyright date is so much later. It might be that this episode was edited from spoiled footage. Uncle confronts Amy with a cane. She says she has already been caned. “This we didn’t do, I can assure you.” She argues briefly, then lifts her skirt and bends over, taking 12 of the cane on her bunched panties.

(AA)(M/f; year: 2oo7; time: 5 minutes) A man challenges Amy–her coaches and teachers are complaining about her, and apparently in this school these problems can be corrected in the office. Amy’s open-mouthed incredulity is found throughout the series.

“We’re going to nip this in the butt….it’s the board!” Amy objects, another teacher “already gave me the board.” “Turn around and grab your ankles.” Moderate strokes from the huge paddle–Amy struggles. 10 swats on her jeans. Alternate camera views, face and rear. At the conclusion, Amy goes to a bedroom to check her bottom in the mirror.

(AB)(M/f; year: 2008; time: 3 minutes) Once again, Amy has offended somehow. THe coach has called her mother and received permission to paddle her. “Turn around and drop those pants.” 6 swats, and now we have bruises.

(AC) (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Amy gets whupped for almost anything in this series. She gets caned in the office here, for failing to complete a report. Skirt, sweater, heels. “Turn around. Bend over the table.” Some arguing. 12 loud cane strokes on her skirt. She quakes and surges on each. Her boss waits. “You got real quiet.”

She keeps arguing and earns 12 more, during which we fade. In an out-take cameo, Amy picks at a salad in the studio kitchen, meager fare for a girl with her assets who gives it all.

(AD) Finale (M/f; time: 2008; time: 8 minutes) Amy is so tall here, hair up, studious, glasses. She is an employee, arguing with her boss. She is going to be caned, 12 over a table. The boss bunches her panties and is a moderate caner.


1 Nov

F/f; year: 2000; time: 41 minutes

We were surprised and entertained by this film. We’ll take Ms. Payne’s admonition from the closing credits and write a good review, lest she track us down from our IPO address.

Kelly plays a judge, sitting behind a skimpy little desk in a sparsely appointed office. She has the most humorous New York accent, an enhanced ‘Sarah Jessica Parker.’ ‘Juliet Davis,’ a very tall and busty curly blonde, plays a girl caught again for yet another DUI. No punishment has seemed to work, so it’s “a night in jail, a fine, or a good hard spanking over my lap.” The judge decides for herself–obscure regulations allow a spanking.

The OTK begins at 8 minutes, and most of the rest of the film will be steady spanking. Handspanking first on Juliet’s skirt, then the judge rucks it up, there are no panties. Ms. Davis has a marvelous bubble-bottom made for this work, and it will be featured, with her charms, hereinafter. As the spanking progresses, the judge kneads and probes, in keeping with Ms. Payne’s girl-on-girl tradition.

The judge stands and drops her judicial robe. She is not wearing a skirt–you wouldn’t have to if you were sure how your day was going to be. Juliet drops her skirt and the spanking continues, long and hard. We have a renewed interest in Ms. Payne’s technique.

Juliet then kneels on a chair for the tawse, advancing the bruising. After some corner time, where she must spread her legs, put her hands over her head, and stick her bottom out, she bends over the desk, quickly spreading her legs. She sees the cane coming. “Oh, no!” More handspanking first, vertical smacks one cheek at a time, then the cane, hard and real. Ms. Davis gasps throughout.

About 18 strokes of a thin and whippy cane, moderate. Low camera angles, a still camera keeps flashing away. The judge completes her paperwork, Juliet signs an acknowledgement, dresses and leaves. One of the better ‘judicial’ films we’ve seen, primarily because Ms. Payne knows how to spank.