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Heat of the Knight – DALLASSPANKKSHARD

27 Dec

M/2f; year: 2008; time: 17 minutes

Dallas issued at least  3 episodes featuring ‘Abi Whittaker’ and ‘Audrey Knight,’ both of whom made spanking films with other producers, and some together on their own. Some have suggested they have been lesbian partners.

In the first segment, Dallas interrupts the girls poolside in their bikinis, lovely to look at, especially when we know we will see it all. He marches them inside, first pulling down their bikini bottoms. Dallas always liked bare bottoms in motion. Abi first, then Audrey. The girls put on different panties.

Scene cut–Audrey is spanking Abi, when Dallas catches them. Dallas sends Abi away, concluding her appearance here. He spanks Audrey,

The final twelve minutes of the film feature Audrey being spanked bare bottom OTK. The egg timer is used, and there are pauses for the application of aloe gel. Audrey seems to have some tears, and maybe a bit of a temper.

Lesson for Lee – KURTSTEVENS

22 Dec

M/f; year: 1988; time: 40 minutes

We have not been too enthusiastic about this producer’s films, which are predictably poor in production values and acting. But, like NUWEST, the plotlines are often erotic spanking fantasies we can all have.

Here, another employee-boss confrontation, where of course the girl can be fired in a minute’s time. ‘Lee’ is a tall, sophisticated, older blonde. She appears to have acceped a spanking as punishment. For a tape recording, the male boss ‘Mr. Thompson’ has her read a confession and acceptance of a bare bottom spanking, with some detail. Lee gasps realistically as she reads. She is very nervous, which plays well here.

Thompson begins handspanking her on her skirt as she bends over. He seems to reach between her legs, which she doesn’t like. They switch to the OTK position, skirt up, black panties.

The girl stands, Thompson pulls down her panties. She is surrendering little by little. Thompson begins with his implements, which she hands him. She takes off her dress and hands it to Thompson. She is down to just bra. Frontals here, but poor lighting. OTK for a ruler, then a pingpong paddle.

Bra off, he makes her twirl. STEVENS did not know how to do lighting like NUWEST did. The girl is keeping her panties at her ankles, hobbling her in erotic form. Frisk position at the wall for more ruler, boobs hang.

FADE. Another session for these two, maybe in someone’s house. The girl now wears a white undie ensemble of bra, panties, garter belt, stockings. She wants to seduce Thompson rather than be spanked, but he wants at her bottom.

Bend over for a strap, white panties down. She screams here. Bra off, they hug. Maybe everyone wins here.




Clare Fonda Spanked – SPANKEDCALLGIRLS

18 Dec

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Nothing special about this one, except the appearance of an older Clare Fonda, who is willing to take an entertaining spanking at this point in her career. She narrates the film.

A guy comes in, bends her over a chair, spanks her, and eventually pulls down her black transparent panties. Mostly playful. The lady still has it!

Starlet’s Spanked and Strapped – OOHTEEKAY

18 Dec

M2F/f; time: 49 minutes

Punctuation by the producer. ‘Paris Kennedy’  and ‘Christina Carter’  in an ‘American Brats’ series from OOHTEEKAY. The girls are given scripts for a spanking film they are going to make and they quickly resort to arguing about their parts.

Christina begins spanking Paris and is disturbed to see her bottom is already. “What have you been doing?” Silly spanking.

The girls return to examining the script. This time Paris spanks Christina. She has bottom marks also.

‘Cecil’ arrives, and he doesn’t like his models marking up. He spanks them both. Christina strips to show her Vegas body. Both girls naked, they get the slipper and strap. Don’t linger on this one. ‘David Pierson’  wrote it.


18 Dec

F/f; time: 12 minutes

We took at look at this Clare Fonda film because of our admiration for ‘Dani Daniels,’ who has a body she likes to strut, and whose slightly melodramatic acting is consistent in her work, whether she is being spanked at FIRMHAND or here, or whether she is being  more severely tested to pretty much the maximum in some of her adult film work. She does a very nice job of combining BDSM, spanking, and hard sex.

‘Kay Richards’  seems to be Dani’s roommate, and the girls settle disputes in the most delightful way. Dani strips off a hot little sailor suit and is naked, the best nude view of her we have collected outside her hard-core films. Kay herself is wearing a hot hostess outfit, which she strips off, and she is not wearing panties.

Kay gives Dani and very sexy paddling, two nudes on the screen.

(F/f; time: 11 minutes) Lesbian stuff from Dani, and maybe Kay Richards. Always good for us. Dani needs a favor from her roommate to keep  her job, and the roommate wants to extract a spanking in return. “You know what happens in my apartment.” Awful acting. Both girls wear short shorts and halter tops with bare midriffs.

A silly OTK spanking commences–it is mild,  but Dani makes those same porno expressions she does when she is getting 8″ over a barrel. Denim shorts down, no panties. This hard bottom  makes up for any other flaws in the film. Oblique angles provide facial shots and a view of the smacking. One good overhead of Dani’s bottom under duress. When she stands, she flashes her full triangular bush. When was this film made?

(F/f; time: 15 minutes) Dani and Kay Richards, in roommate status. They wear silly hostess uniforms, or are they carhops, or cigarette girls, or airline attendants 30 years ago, in the era of hot pants? Certainly not Kuwaiti Airlines. Dani’s roommate has been pinching liquor from the galley, her pantyhose is ripped, she is wearing flats instead of heels, she is a mess, although she looks pretty good to us.

Dani has some control over the girl, who is aware: “I know I am on my third strike.” Kay tells Dani that spanking is used in her apartment complex to settle disputes among the girls. She’ll take a spanking. Dani’s eyebrows arch. She is intrigued.

Dani takes the girl OTK. Among her other discrepancies, she forgot to put panties on this morning. And she wears a shorty hostess uniform and works flights. Long conventional uneventful bare bottom spanking.

(F/f; time: 13 minutes) The roles are reversed for the two roommates. Kay has caught Dani in lesbian play with some of the girls. Dani will take a spanking or Kay will circulate the video. Awful acting. Kay reminds Dani that she didn’t hesitate to spank when she has the chance on a previous occasion.

Dani: “I can see you are Lesbianic.” We’ll look that one up. OTK. Dani makes those porno  grimaces. Uniform skirt up. Thong? No, nothing. Overheads and closeups turn this conventional spanking a treat. Zoom to close.

F/f; time: 13 minutes) Kay has gotten hold of Dani doing some lesbian paly with some customers. This is a chance for Kay to give Dani a spanking right there in the office. Dani wears the same little sailor suit/uniform. Most of the film is taken up with a long OTK spanking. We were surprised to see Dani doesn’t wear panties under that uniform. She couldn’t so much as unlock a door without flashing something. Several good camera angles on that unbelievable bottom.

(F/f; time: 13 minutes) Dani and her roommate return from a workout, wearing just short shorts and sports bras. When the girlfriend wants to open a bottle of wine, Dani scolds her and announces a spanking in order. There follows a standard OTK spanking  in the kitchen, shorts down soon, a wooden kitchen spoon handy. Low shots of the two girls accentuate their bodies and the action.


(F/f; time: 12 minutes) Not much new here, except that any time Dani Daniels takes her clothes off, we are interested. She strips, and she likes her pubic hair apparently. Kay Richards comes into the room in that silly uniform, strips naked, and goes OTK. Two great nudes on the screen. Dani uses their house paddle, a blue one


Disciplining Betty – SHADOWLANE

18 Dec

M/f; year: 2006; time: 48 minutes

‘Betty’ (Blaze) of REALSPANKINGS fame is featured here; not sure of how this date of 2006 fit into her work in Colorado. ‘Razor Ryan’ will do the spanking. Spankos and founders Eve Howard and Tony Elka produce, write, and direct.

Betty and Razor argue, she doesn’t want to be controlled, he thinks she is a lazy student. “You need a good spanking.” “What?” “Do you think you could make it through a real spanking?” If she wants to keep dating him, she will have to do that. “That shouldn’t be contingent on my submitting to corporal punishment.”  Now that sentence of dialogue is surely rare in the porn industry.

The OTK spanking starts, silly at first. Skirt up, transparent white panties. The sun shines through as window on her bottom. Razor smacks her thighs and seems to aggravate some damage already existing on her right buttocks crease. Panties down, she is fully red.

Betty stands and strips to bra and panties. OTK continues, panties down again.

FADE. Another spanking scene. Razor is reviewing her college grades, which means another spanking. Another FADE, and now she is naked except for garter belt. A heavy heart-shaped wood paddle makes an impression. They hug. This is the most we ourselves of Ms. Betty.

Some Girls Never Learn-A Caning For Breaking the Rules – GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL

13 Dec

M/2f; time: 24 minutes

A long enough GBS episode that we will review it separately. In an exterior scene, Headmaster Tom catches ‘Linda’ and ‘Claire’ drinking and smoking. He marches them inside to an empty storeroom, the kind of place you’d like to see more spankings scheduled.

The girls are ordered to strip and put on school uniforms. This nudie scene takes a few minutes. Knee socks, white panties, gymslips, skirts, blouses. Tom paces and lectures. Then he canes the girls’ bare bottoms, bent over stools, moving from one to another.

Another nude scene and the girls change back into civvies and leave.

Four Whipped Bottoms – NUWEST FCV-004

13 Dec

M/4f; time: 27 minutes

Another early film, poor production values, frustrating camera angles, and another example of Ed Lee’s annoying habit of playing background music over the studio loudspeaker, muffling the dialogue and spanking noises.

‘Louise and Michelle‘ One girl, naked, is strapped down on the upright kneeling-position, tilted trestle. The second blond girl moves around the set in just panties, occasionally bending over her own trestle, a chaired-shaped contraption. Ceiling views and inadequate floor shots don’t provide closeups or facials. Lee concentrates mostly on the girl fastened down, with a strap or lashes. Occasionally the blonde positions herself for the same.

‘Chelsea and Tanya’ At the 18 minute mark. This is Tanya Fox! And because it is her, she gets the facials and bottom closeups we wanted earlier. Chelsea moves around, pulls her panties up and down a few times, and on one occasion lies across the back of the pinioned Tanya for a little of the strap, We are just not close enough to experience any intensity.

Lisa – NUWEST NW-055

13 Dec

M/f; time: 31 minutes

Very early stuff, with some of the original  actors before Ed Lee got his cast assembled. Wobbly graphics, horrifying acting. And we’re on that good old plaid couch. ‘Lisa’ will be spanked by her husband ‘Don’ in four short segments, for domestic infractions. Her bottom craves the attention.

Lisa a tall, slim, big-haired brunette, with slim hips and a tight little bottom, not so much the wide feminine hips so much preferred later in this industry. The spankings all occur on the couch and were probably filmed when even this simple exercise was an illicit experience. No nudity except knickers down.

We missed the first infraction. Lisa is spanked OTK on white panties and then on the bare.

The second spanking–for wearing a  naughty little running outfit in public.

The third–spanked in a long red dress.

And fourth–caught smoking.

Spanking Secrets – Amelia Jane Rutherford

12 Dec

8 short films made in the POV style in 2017; we have seen for our first time a button to click to make a donation to the actors. We’re thinking about it. 501 (c)(3)? Tax deductible? Can we donate to Ms. Phillips’ personal trainer and nutritionist?

‘Amelia- air hostess ‘ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Good exteriors of an operating airport and terminal. Amelia, in hostess uniform, is confronted by her female supervisor. Reports of her rudeness to passengers. Feisty Ms. Rutherford won’t tolerate any advances from passengers.

In an office, the supervisor keeps a cane. “You’re not going to use that on me?” 15 strokes, mostly facials, kind of silly. You can surmise from this website’s trumpeting of the filming of Ms. Rutherford that she might have been on hand for just one day. Panties down, Amelia rubs and looks at the results in a mirror.

‘Amelia-flatmate’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Amelia’s female roommate has caught her drinking and making a mess. What sort of relation is this? Amelia is viewed POV-style, posed on a couch in an orange dress.

She is agreeable to a fast and conventional OTK spanking, lacy thong down.

‘Amelia. – Lady of the manor’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) In the first part of the film, Amelia plays the domme and spanks a female employee. There are just a few places in Ms. Rutherford’s oeuvre where she is the Top, we have reviewed them, and we have to say, with much adoration, she is not very committed to it.

In the second section, this same maid has found some leverage on Amelia and will spank HER. Blue dress up, blue panties survive.

Amelia -schoolgirl disruptive’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) the 40 year old Ms. Rutherford stands in full schoolgirl kit, two ponytails, knee socks. A faceless female plays the headmistress POV-style and will spank her OTK. The headmistress is pleased to see the “regulation white panties.”

The second part of the film–Amelia is spanked by the head girl.

Amelia – secretary’s appraisal’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia seats herself in front of her female boss for a performance review. She wears a blouse with a bare midriff and a beige skirt. Of course she is doing poor work. Despite her protestations and promises, “Either I fire you or you take corrective discipline.” “What’s that?”

Amelia steps off-screen for a moment to ask the other girls what “corrective discipline” means. She returns, noticeably resigned.  OTK quickly, she is all hips in this skirt. Skirt up, a thong which covers nothing. A standard spanking; her boss pulls down her thong, completely superfluous. There is that size label in  those new undies.

Amelia-strip search’ (f; time: 5 minutes) A late discovery, and one of the most erotic films we have seen from her. We did not think it possible for another entry into that category.

Amelia plays an airline passenger pulled out of line for suspicious activity. The set is a residential one, not quite airport. She wears a turtleneck top and a red plaid skirt. She faces the camera, all 6’1.” An off-screen female voice explains the procedure  in POV style. There are suspicions of contraband, this will be a strip search, but she is lucky, no cavity search. And, there will be a video.

After prototype denials, protestations, and hesitation from Ms. Rutherford, she begins to undress. She pulls her top over her head and pauses before she drops her skirt. “These are very tight clothes…” “Trust me, you could be hiding something between your butt cheeks.”  She of course pauses at bra and bikini panties.  “Everything off, then you will put your hands on your head.”

Amelia turns her back to unsnap her bra. Facing us again, she covers her breasts with one hand and works her panties down with other, turning her back so we get the full bottom view. Nobody does it better. She wants the examiner to see there is nothing hidden. She faces us again, covering with both hands. “Put your hands on your head and hold your ponytail up.” Lovely full frontal.

The last piece of bad news-she must go to an adjacent room naked while her clothing is searched. She doesn’t like this at all. The concluding humiliation is delightful.

‘Amelia-the theft‘ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) A very chiche Amelia here, in a long flower print gown. Her friend or roommate has lifted some money from her purse. “I’m going to spank you,” Amelia as a Top again, and tepid but glamorous. A mild little OTK spanking.

Amelia discusses a repayment schedule– cash and spankings, or, less cash if the hair brush is used.

Amelia-waitress‘ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Amelia stands in front of her female restaurant manager–POV view, wearing her waitress uniform. There are noises in the background, as there will be on several of the films listed here, for a cinematic reason we don’t know. Amelia has been rude to customers and will be fired if she doesn’t accept a “discipline session.” Ms, Rutherford displays the usual shock when she hears what that means.

OTK, skirt up, black diaphanous panties. When the woman takes down the panties, “We didn’t say anything about doing that.” Standard spanking, lots of repeats.

Amelia-warehouse thief‘ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia is caught on surveillance cameras pilfering on the floor of her warehouse job. A decent scene of the workspace. A loudspeaker summons her to the office. She is wearing a blouse with bare midriff and tight jeans.

When she is confronted, “Please don’t fire me.” “I’m not going to fire you…I’ve wanted to do this for a long time…I’m going to spank your bottom…naughty girl.”

OTK, jeans and thong down, standard stuff. In a new scene, Amelia, in different clothes, is prowling the floor again. Why not, her boss likes spanking.